Logies 2014: Random Acts of Carpetness Pt 1

TV Tonight chats with Josh Thomas, Peter Helliar, Marc Fennell, Tom Steinfort & more.

2014-04-28_2110Once again the Logies Red Carpet is over for another year.

Stars, media and fans flocked to it like moths to a flame and once again TV Tonight brings you a barrage of quotes and tidbits without ever asking “who are you wearing?” or “Who will win?”


Bondi Rescue‘s NICOLA ATHERTON on being the sole female in an all-male crew and watching Modern Family filming at Bondi:
“It is a very tight knit crew and they haven’t employed any new faces in quite a while. About 5 years. So I’m very lucky to be amongst the ranks with these guys.

“I’ve had an incredible season and it’s quite surreal to be at the Logies.

“I’m a huge fan of the show and I kind of went a bit mad and tried to sneak on set. I managed to get a few photos with Manny and Luke.”


SHANNON PONTON on the future for The Biggest Loser:

“I’d love to go again.

“It wasn’t about the ratings for us it was about the transformation in (Ararat) and to transform the health of an entire town we set them a task to lose 26 tonne and they lost 40 tonne. So those results will last for generations.

“Off the back of that we’d love to go again and we still think the obesity epidemic in Australia is out of control and it’s something that needs to be addressed.

“But I never thought I’d be on television for nine years. I’ve got some other good ideas for some shows which I think would work.”


TOM STEINFORT on covering the Oscar Pistorious case in South Africa:

“We did two stints there because they had a break. It was 5 or 6 weeks the first time, then we came back for about 5 days then back for another 2 weeks. But I probably won’t head back for the actual verdict.

“I’m on holidays at the moment, back on deck next week and then straight into Inside Story which will run for a second season later this year.”



NATALIE GRUZLEWSKI on When Love Comes to Town:

“This year we’ve opened the search. So it’s more about the girls this year,” she said.

But wait, isn’t it a different show?

“Thanks for reminding me. It’s brand new search for love and we’ve gone further afield, extending the search right around Australia. It’s not just about country boys, it’s men from all walks of life.

“We’re taking 12 city girls to the country and hoping that love does spark.

“Every town we go to has two guys for the girls to meet. If they feel a connection or spark, then they make the ultimate decision. Bit of girl power.”

As it’s all wrapped, do some of them stay together?

“Yes. I think so.”



PETER HITCHENER from Nine News Melbourne on 6pm ratings:

“It’s going very well but we have to keep on working at it, because it’s day to day. We’re happy with things so far but it’s very enjoyable having an hour news, because you can tell more stories, building the news, employing more people, and it’s a good news story.”

And twice as much salary we hope?

“We’re still waiting on that one!”


PETER HELLIAR on Season Two cast for It’s A Date:

“We start shooting next week. Last year I put out every name on my Twitter feed and I got a bit of a slap on the wrist for it.

“I’m back and Lisa (McCune) is back, but it’s mainly new cast members on the dates. But there are returning dates helping to fix them up, if you like.

“There are people from other networks, non-actors, people we haven’t seen. A few people have been asking ‘Who is the next Poh?’ But I don’t think we’re dragging anyone from MasterChef or MKR.”



SOPHIE HENSSER and ELLA SCOTT LYNCH on Season Two of Love Child:

“There will be a lot of Drama in the 1970s.

“I think there are a couple of new love interests.

“And maybe guest actors from last season are coming back as recurring characters.”

RICHARD CAWTHORNE on his next TV project.

“I’ve just finished a project in Sydney and I’m not sure what I can say about it. It’s about catching someone else,” he said.

“But I’m very happy with Fat Tony, it was well received.”


Please Like Me’s JOSH THOMAS on pooch John being banned from the Red Carpet:

“I’m f***ing furious. It’s ridiculous.

“(I think) they were worried about people feeling a sense of joy whilst watching the Logies coverage.

“They were worried it would be entertaining. They were worried people wouldn’t be looking at Catriona Rowntree because they’d be too busy looking at John.”



JAMES MATHISON on Wake Up’s point of difference:

“There’s more laughs per minute than the other shows. Theres a real joy in our show and camaraderie between Natarsha and I.

“We might not have the budgets or stars but I think the last 2 months it’s been the most fun of the 3 shows.

“Nuala (Hafner) is coming up soon and we’re just working out the logistics of that. I can’t tell you because I don’t actually know.”


JASON GILKISON, SHANNON HOLTZAPFFEL and AARON CASH on Michael Dameski’s thrilling So You Think You Can Dance routine.

“Jaw dropping dance.,” said Cash.

“It’s gone viral. Everyone on Broadway and the West End is talking about it,” said Gilkison.

“Up to 10 million people have seen Michael’s performance,” said Shannon Holtzapffel.

And on the shows ratings?

“We’ve loved working on it so much that we haven’t focussed on that. Ok it’s there but week after week we just want to give these guys great feedback. They’re delivering world class performances all the time.

“It’s nice to know the rest of the world is looking at us even if this country might not be.”

Added Shannon Holtzapffel: “It has been hard to hear about the ratings but it hasn’t been something we’ve reflected on because we know we have a great show and we are exposing great new talent.”


MARC FENNELL on whether Movie Mayhem was better suited on Saturdays than Wednesdays on SBS 2:

“To be honest I (agree) too. It was more of a scheduling thing. I think SBS 2 movies were cannibalising SBS ONE movies. But I agree, I think it makes sense on Saturday nights.

“In early May we’re doing a whole week of B Movies which we shot a couple of weeks ago in a sex dungeon, of all places. Because we’re SBS.”

Part 2 still to come….

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  1. Funny to see all three male SYTYCDAU judges in tuxes which are rather similar! And couldn’t agree more that the series is more about the talent than the ratings – this year has had some of the most amazing SYTYCD performances ever, not just on the Aust. format. And that is perfectly illustrated with the views Michael’s solo has gotten. Simply searching “So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2014” in YouTube brings up 10s of thousands of videos, with most having just as many views. Unfortunately for the dance community though networks only care about ratings, meaning a renewal is very unlikely.

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