Nine, ABC shows strong on Thursday.

2014-04-04_1020Seven’s fiddling with its Thursday schedules continues to cost it viewers, with both Nine and the ABC reaping the benefits.

Last night it landed under the magic million, and under 500,000 after 7:30pm (it had a staggered schedule from 8-8:30pm). In contrast Nine scored with The Block at 1.37m viewers and ABC’s Janet King and The Checkout enjoyed excellent numbers at 831,000 / 818,000 respectively.

While Nine’s share was well in front of Seven, we now have a neck and neck race for Total People this week, with Nine leading Seven by just 0.9%.

Nine network share was 33.6% then Seven 26.4%, ABC 19.3%, TEN 15.4% and SBS 5.3%.

The Block was #1 at 1.37m for Nine then Nine News (1.08m / 1.05m), ACA (944,000), The Footy Show (865,000), Hot Seat (606,000).

Seven News (979,000 / 879,000) led Seven then Home and Away (869,000), Strip the City (499,000), Border Security (485,000 in 3 cities), Million Dollar Minute (425,000), Bones (340,000). Botched Up Bodies was 165,000.

Janet King (831,000) topped ABC1 for the night followed by The Checkout (818,000) then ABC News (812,000), 7:30 (652,000) and Trust Me I’m a Doctor (376,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (588,000) topped TEN followed by Law and Order: SVU (479,000), The Project (470,000 / 316,000) and The Bold and the Beautiful (430,000). TEN is now splitting So You Think You Can Dance Australia into a figure for Results: 418,000 (presumably in an effort to piggyback onto SVU numbers) and the show itself: 278,000. All this really does is emphasise how abysmal the numbers for the bulk of the show are. Good strategy?

SBS had Exploring China (273,000), Gourmet Farmer (263,000) and Mexican Fiesta (219,000). The Escape Artist  was 124,000.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom was best on multichannels again at 327,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 3 April 2014


  1. I love Janet King…. I wonder if they will think of a second series? since its doing so well or perhaps get Crownies back on? I doubt it but one can hope.

  2. Shoudy Chen

    278k for SYTYCDA? That is a massive train wreck for this show. Perhaps this dance show would turn into a trash show. I told you that this show needs to be shifted to Eleven. And Ten continues to take its toll in ratings.

  3. Carringbush

    Have watched Bones since it started but became a bit frustrated with shifting times and mixes of new and repeat. SVU gets recorded and we watch Janet King now.

  4. Sairy.James

    Ben and Holly are made by the same people as Peppa, same fan base 😉

    I’m annoyed that the Block went so long last night, Because I loooove Janet King and had to watch that instead. So I missed all the juice bits of last nights Block.

  5. SYTYCD was doomed to be a flop when Ten thought to put it in the Sunday 6:30pm timeslot with no lead in.

    But the show itself has big issues. The judging line up doesn’t have enough big names except Paula, and Carrie as host isn’t really cutting it for me. I think a dual host setup like with DWTS might have worked better.

    And the fact it isn’t shown live is a massive problem. The editing is pretty obvious and doesn’t give any feeling that we are watching “Event Television”.

  6. 278,000 for SYTYCD. Oh dear! This figure is worse than the lowest achieved by “Everybody Dance Now”, which admittedly only aired a handful of episodes before being pulled. I really hope that Ten somehow secure a couple of very very big name performers in the next couple of weeks in order to at least keep the show afloat. I feel so bad for the cast and crew of the show who are clearly working their very hardest, but to no avail.

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