Real Humans real adaptation for the UK

The English adaptation of Swedish drama Real Humans is proceeding, from the producers of Spooks.

2014-04-08_1534It looks like the English adaptation of Swedish drama Real Humans is finally proceeding.

The futuristic series about a family that buys a human-like robotic servant with a secret, has aired in Australia on SBS.

An eight part drama series, called Humans, has been on the cards with Kudos (The Hour, Broadchurch, Spooks) for some time. Channel 4 has now struck a deal with Microsoft’s Xbox to remake the series, the first time the latter has partnered with a UK broadcaster to co-fund a major series. In the US it already has a deal for a Halo TV series executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

Channel 4 will air the new drama exclusively in the UK in 2015 at the same time as Microsoft makes the show available to Xbox owners across North America.

The adaptation will be helmed by Spooks writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley.

“In Humans, Sam and Jon have not only crafted an ingenious and imaginative thriller, but they’re also asking big, thought-provoking questions about how we live,” said Piers Wenger, head of drama at Channel 4.

Filming of the drama series will begin in the summer with the show set to premiere next year.

SBS 2 began repeating Real Humans last Saturday night.

Source: Guardian

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  1. Will be interesting to see what they do with it. Was an interesting idea but it tended to drag with the slow plotting and Swedish deadpan acting.

  2. It’s bad enough that Hollywood thinks it needs to remake every foreign series for American audiences but why are the Poms doing it?

    Real Humans is a great series as is (really hope we see S2 here soon), there’s no need to redo it in English to enjoy it. The only positive I can see here is that it’s being made by Kudos who usually do excellent work, hopefully they won’t stuff it up like so many remakes.

  3. It seems SBS2 are taking off the repeats of Real Humans over Easter as it’s not on Saturday April 19th, replaced with Alarm for Cobra 11, a German police drama.

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