Renewed: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

US sitcom renewed for two more seasons as part of an overall deal with comedy trio.

2014-04-06_0107US sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed for not one, but two, more seasons.

FXX has picked up the show for two seasons of 10 episodes each. At 12 seasons it will become the longest-running live-action comedy in US cable history.

The Hollywood Reporter notes its 12 seasons will tie with My Three Sons for the second-longest-running live action comedy in US history.

The renewal is part of an overall deal with Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton.

The trio will also deliver a straight-to-series pickup for a new comedy starring Tracy Morgan and  a comedy pilot yet to be announced as well as three development scripts.

FX president of original programming Nick Grad said. “This deal is a testament to their skill, intelligence and work ethic, which combined to earn them one of the best overall deals in TV. Not bad for three guys who shot a pilot 10 years ago for $200 and a few pizzas.”a yet-to-be announced comedy pilot order and three script pickups.

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  1. It’s good news that we have three more seasons at least of the show.

    If it’s not clear, this is 2 seasons beyond the 10th season which starts in January in the states.

    It’s one of those shows that I’d really miss if they stopped making it. Consistency of the quality isn’t where it once was, but at its worst it’s still better than most comedies out there. It’s just that they have set the bar so high that anything which isn’t stand out brilliant seems a disappointment.

    So often an episode I haven’t loved, when randomly rewatch is actually much better than I remembered.

    Not to say they aren’t still making stand out brilliant episodes every season. They are.

    I have to say though, I think at the end of the 12, it’ll probably be the end. Considering the head of FX recently made comments about how expensive the show is getting. Both in paying the gang and what they…

  2. “The Hollywood Reporter notes its 12 seasons will tie with My Three Sons for the second-longest-running live action comedy in US history.”

    Number of production batches ordered, maybe: this isn’t close to accurate in either number of episodes or chronological longevity, though.

  3. It’s not what you’d call champagne comedy but I like Always Sunny. I think of it as a working class Arrested Development. Now, if Seven treated Always Sunny as well as the ABC have AD, I’d be able to regularly watch it on Aus TV. It’s perfect for 7mate but not at 11:43pm.

  4. This has made my day Sunny is one of my all time favorite shows. I wish Seven would treat it better I don’t even know what season they are up to I think the last season I saw was season 7. I’m still waiting for the season 7 and 8 DVDs.

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