Renewed: Nowhere Boys, It’s A Date.

4nowbyABC will be getting more from Nowhere Boys and It’s a Date.

Both have received funding from Film Victoria for second seasons.

Fiction Television funding:

It’s A Date Series 2, Hell and High Waters – an eight-episode return journey into the world of dating
Nowhere Boys Series 2, Matchbox Productions – In this 13-part series the boys have found their way home
HJ5, Moody Street Kids – animated children’s series about a band (HJ5) of talented girls and their adventures.

Nowhere Boys aired late last year on ABC3, featuring  Joel Lok, Dougie Baldwin, Rahart Sadiqzai and Matthew Testro as four mismatched teenagers who return from a school hike to discover they have come back to an alternate world where they no longer exist.

Earlier this year ABC’s Brendan Dahill told TV Tonight that “all things being equal” Peter Helliar’s It’s a Date would return. It was also his biggest commissioning gamble in 2013.

“It didn’t conform to conventional wisdom. There were no recurring characters, there were two plays within each half-hour episode, so 16 performances overall. Trying to cast with that many cameos, Pete Helliar associated with that many writers, it was probably the biggest risk we took in Comedy, up there with Elegant Gentleman’s Guide.”

The show also picked up the Best Scripted Format Award in the International Format Awards at MIPCOM 2013 in Cannes.


  1. Very excited Nowhere Boys is returning. A great show the whole family can watch. The last few scenes in the final episode felt like the series would be continuing.

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