Renewed: Nurse Jackie

2014-04-01_1114I must admit I didn’t expect Nurse Jackie to make it to 7 seasons, but the Edie Falco series has just been renewed by Showtime.

In fact the good news comes even before the sixth season premiere in the US.

However actor Peter Facinelli will not be returning as a series regular but will still appear in some capacity in Season 7.

Noting his work on the Twilight franchise, showrunner Clyde Phillips tells E! Online, “In the twilight of season six, Peter asked to be released from his contract to pursue new creative challenges. Nothing will eclipse the incredible contribution he made to the success of Nurse Jackie since the dawn of the show.”

In Season 6, Jackie (Edie Falco) will cope with her addiction while also dealing with her relationships with Frank, her ex Kevin and her daughter Grace. As the synopsis for the season reads, “Something’s gotta give.”

No word on an Aussie return just yet.

Source: Zap2It


  1. Good news, thought the 6th season would be its last.

    Last year, Eleven gave us this pretty close to the US broadcast date. Hope they do the same again this year. It would be a great double with Californication – hint, hint!

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