Resurrection vs Big Bang equals big ratings

Ratings: Resurrection and The Big Bang Theory go to war in overnight figures, but Seven wins the night.

2014-04-02_0956An interesting battle took place last night at around 8:45pm.

Last week Resurrection knocked it out of the park with nearly 2m overnight viewers but, as invariably happens with sci-fi content, it has begun shedding viewers, down 20% on last week. Last night it pulled 1.55m viewers -none too shabby at all, and enough to win its timeslot.  The Big Bang Theory was nipping at its heels at 1.51m viewers, but The Block also ran overtime.

NCIS, once a licence to print money, was miles behind at just 417,000, clearly impacted by reality shows wrapping beyond the 8:30 junction.

Seven network won the night with a share of 34.0% then Nine 31.8%, ABC 16.4%, TEN 13.4% and SBS 4.3%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 at 1.62m for Seven then Resurrection (1.55m), Seven News (1.08m / 994,000), Home and Away (961,000), Million Dollar Minute (482,000) and Parenthood (462,000 / 253,000).

Big Bang was big at 1.51m / 1.13m for Nine then The Block (1.42m), Nine News (1.2m / 1.12m), A Current Affair (1.1m), 2 Broke Girls (670,000 / 394,000), Hot Seat (659,000). Two and a Half Men was 272,000 / 189,000.

ABC News (876,000) topped ABC1 but there were good numbers for Foreign Correspondent at 700,000. 7:30 was 652,000, New Tricks was 646,000 and At the Movies was 387,000.

TEN Eyewitness News (604,000) was best on TEN then The Project (515,000 / 377,000), NCIS: LA (469,000), NCIS (417,000). The Biggest Loser lost at just 295,000.

Insight (249,000) led SBS ONE followed by Royalty Close Up (194,000), SBS World News (132,000) and Dateline (127,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels at 310,000.

The Morning Show: 173,000
Mornings: 106,000
Studio 10: 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 1 April 2014

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  1. Ten better bring back tbl next year! They don’t want it to end up like xfactor or big brother where another network pick up up, treats it with respect and it rates really well

  2. The Big Bang Theory

    TV Guide – 8.30pm
    EPG – 8.40pm
    Starting time 8.51pm

    And they wonder why people aren’t watching live TV any more! Good way to kill the goose that lays the golden egg – your gooses!!!

  3. JoeS: I completely agree. We need to make the networks submit their schedules to a legal body, maybe each month in advance, and then hold them liable to the times they have submitted. Late times = financial penalties.

  4. Simple really, laws need to change to make sure stations don’t misuse the timing/overruns of shows. I watched America Got Talent on Fox and regularly the judges get the push to move on as ‘their time is up’. You also see the credits starting to roll whilst Nick is still having a few last words. I have never watched MKR and hardly ever The Block but unless intentional surely there is no reason to run overtime?

  5. This might be a good idea in the short term, but it will have negative impacts on all 3 networks in the long term. It will not only hurt viewers’ perceptions and trust of the networks, but the pushing back of dramas will only get worse and worse, to a point where they are starting after 9pm, and then close to 9:30pm, and the 9:40pm.

    Not sure if this is correct or not, but I have heard that their is a law preventing networks from starting a show more than a few minutes before the scheduled time, as networks would often start shows early to get the jump on their rivals. Maybe this shows also be applied to late starts for all non-live broadcasts. MKR and TB are pre-recorded, so there is no excuse for them to be running late.

  6. Out of curiosity what did you guys think of episode two of Resurrection? For those who watched it?

    I enjoyed the pilot but disliked episode two, I didn’t like the storyline about the townspeople shunning the kid on the football field, it seemed contrived and unbelievable. Probably won’t be back for more

  7. Neither channel wants their show to start first.

    Let’s say people watching The Block on Nine, and planning to watch Resurrection or NCIS afterwards. If Nine pushes The Block backwards, the ending will overlap those dramas. People aren’t going to switch over a reality show when it’s in it’s last 10 minutes, resulting in them missing the start of the drama on Seven or Ten. so why bother watching? In comparison, if The Block was to finish first, then people would switch to Seven or Ten, and this would also the end of their reality offerings. Same applies to MKR.

    So, Seven and Nine are pushing their shows back by about 20 minutes to prevent an overlap with their rival’s reality show.

  8. The Block finished at about 8.55 last night.. I’m assuming MKR also ran over time. No wonder Ten can’t compete.

    It feels like if Ten were to try and counter this by starting programs later, the others would just add another 10-15 minutes to their juggernauts.

    It seems more and more that TB and MKR are now stretching past their already generous 8.45pm finishes..

    The question is, if this was to happen, where would the traditional 8.30 drama be placed? Would we see a complete move to 9pm?

    And what then?

    MKR finishes at 9.15, TB counters with a 9.25 finish and all of a sudden dramas are now pushed back until 9.30?

    Surely this trend can’t be sustainable?

    Please tell me it can’t.

  9. Think The Block has picked up ratings because it is coming to the end of the series and this happens with all programmes that are almost complete, but as this runs over into TBBT this also increases the results of that programme too. Think that Resurrection is good viewing but apparently only has 8 episodes and we are already a quarter of the way through it, lets hope if it gets the ratings it may have another series.

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