Returning: Have You Been Paying Attention?

2014-02-12_1732Have You Been Paying Attention? will return inĀ its new timeslot of Monday nights from mid May.

The show resumes in a new one hour and M rated timeslot from Monday May 19 at 9.30pm on TEN.

With 24 as its likely lead in the show should have a better run in this slot.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    I hope they take a leaf out of QI’s book and have comedians who do not appear to be funny but are, as opposed to this show where the comedians come across as just stupid, in other words they try too hard to be funny. I can only watch a small part and then I have to turn it off.

  2. I’m curious with what will happen. I hope it’ll do relatively well. Or would the superstitious ‘break a leg’ be more acceptable to not tempt fate.

  3. @Josh777, according to advanced guides it looks like the last episode of Blue Bloods will air on 5th May as 24:Live Another Day is either a double or a 2 hour pilot.

  4. I doubt 24 will provide much of a lead in. It’s a heavily serialised show that would be difficult to attract new viewers. It hasn’t been a ratings hit since its early days, the last season played on 7two from memory.

  5. @ David Knox – any indication by TEN about what will happen to Blue Bloods? By my calculations if the last episode (Season 4 Episode 9) airs on 12 May than that leaves 12 episodes of season 4 unaired. Please tell me it’s not being pulled from the schedule completely.

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