Returning: Jonathan Creek

2014-04-17_2308Alan Davies returns to ABC1 with three new Jonathan Creek episodes next month.

While there have been one-off specials produced in 2009, 2010 and 2013, this fifth season comes a decade after the fourth, and sees him with wife Polly (Sarah Alexander).

When a glamorous West End star is found stabbed inside a locked dressing room, her colleagues remain baffled. Attention turns to Jonathan Creek for a solution to the grisly puzzle. But can Creek be persuaded to join the investigation? As he and his wife struggle to come to terms with a personal tragedy, a series of disturbing family secrets are revealed that will throw the couple’s world into turmoil.

8:30pm Friday May 2nd ABC1


  1. I’ve seen the first two eps of this new series, they’re very disappointing I’m afraid. If you’re a fan of the old Jonathan Creek you may want to pass on this series.

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