Returning: Law and Order: UK

Updated: The latest season of Law and Order: UK has its Australian premiere on the Universal channel.

2014-04-17_0904Updated: Season 8 of Law and Order: UK has its Australian premiere on Monday night on the Universal channel.

This is the latest season from the UK.

Director Mat King told TV Tonight, “Basically, the first 3 seasons that were filmed (13 episodes per season), were split in half by ITV when then went to air in the UK. Turning the first ‘3 seasons’ into ‘6 seasons’.

“In the UK the media reports that the current season on air is ‘season 8’, however it was physically the 5th season filmed.

“‘Season 5’ that is about to air on the Universal channel, is the most up to date episodes we have produced of the show.

“When the show airs in the US and Australia, its ‘season’ number correctly relates to the season it was filmed.

“The season also introduces the new Detective DS Joe Hawkins played by Ben Bailey Smith (also known as comedian/rapper Doc Brown). He is great.”

Season 1 (13 eps) – Went to air split as Season 1 & 2 in the UK
Season 2 (13 eps) – Went to air split as Season 3 & 4 in the UK
Season 3 (13 eps) – Went to air split as Season 5 & 6 in the UK
Season 4 (6 eps) – Went to air as Season 7 in the UK
Season 5 (8 eps) – Went to air as Season 8 in the UK

A host of top British acting talent comes together to form the ensemble of this British adaptation of the seminal Emmy-winning legal and crime drama, Law & Order. Employing the original series iconic two-part structure that focuses first on the investigation of a crime at the police level and then shifts in its second half to the prosecution of the suspects, Law & Order: UK approaches the format and characters from a uniquely English perspective.

Monday, April 21 at 8.30pm.

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