Returning: The Americans

2014-04-11_0017The Americans returns to Australian screens next month but will premiere on Subscription TV.

While the show was lauded by critics, its ratings on TEN were disappointing.

It’s unclear if the series will later air on TEN.

Elizabeth comes back from her injury and straight into what should have been a routine mission – but it goes awry, leaving her and Philip in fear not only for themselves but for their whole network… and family. Paige’s suspicions have only grown in her mother’s absence. Meanwhile, Stan continues to fall for the Russian agent who has started to play him.

8:30pm Thursday May 1st on SoHo.


  1. I can understand the frustration by those that don’t have Foxtel, but as someone with Foxtel I’m wrapped that I’ll be able series link it and watch it in HD. I enjoyed the originality of the show’s idea and the story lines were very interesting. Looking forward to see what they come up with in series 2.

  2. Ten bought a good drama, put it on in a reasonable timeslot and didn’t move it around.

    A pitiful number of viewers watched it though. People seem happy to watch MKR/Revenge or The Block/TBBT and ignore Ten, and then complain about everything Ten does even when it is good TV.

  3. Actually @Dalmanic, ch10 had it on Monday’s 9:30pm without any timeslot shifting or other annoying meddling. Don’t blame ch10 for you not watching ch10

  4. Now this illustrates where FTA has completely failed its viewers, or former viewers.
    I have been watching and enjoying The Americans season 1 on Foxtel.
    I was totally unaware it had even been on 10 before!
    I guess it was probably relegated to the wee small hours, filled with ads and random repeats?….. so I’m not sorry I missed it there!

  5. Why is Pay TV being called ‘Subscription TV’ on this website, same as per News Corp websites? Is part of the Murdoch empire now? Please don’t fall into the Murdoch style spin, it grates me. Call it for what it is, as in pay tv, as subscription implies something that is not necessarily paid for and or implies quality. I don’t consider the vast balance of what is screened on Foxtel as quality, more like dross. However, The Americans is not dross, a very rare example of quality. A pity I am now sourcing elsewhere instead of TEN or Foxtel. Yet another nail in the coffin of TEN.

  6. Another show treated poorly by the FTA networks, going to Pay TV, where it will get the respect it deserves.

    Maybe the FTA’s need to sell all their shows to Pay-TV and just stick to reality, sports, news and infomercials.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Damn, I was so excited when I saw that heading, now I’m pissed off. Ch 10 bloody well better show it later in the year, even on 11 or One, I’ve been so hanging out for this fantastic show to come back. Ch 9 did the same thing with Damages & Pretty Little Liars. Really annoying when they do this.

  8. I thought S1 was v/good so looking forward to S2 on SoHo
    Whatever Ten airs is going to flop ratings wise, irrespective of quality as Ten has little cred these days.
    Its a shame as there are some ok shows on their list

  9. What a shame, I know it did not rate that well which is disappointing as I thought it was one of FTA’s best offerings in particular CH10. Hopefully 10 will show it perhaps in the Summer period.

  10. Secret Squirrel

    Shame, I would’ve watched this on Ten. As Pertinax says, it wasn’t great but it was good enough. It was a novel idea with reasonable scripts and decent performances all round. It’s numbers weren’t tho’ but then, these days on Ten, what program’s ratings are? Hopefully it’ll find it’s way to Ten later on.

  11. Sheesh, thanks for the warning David, I only listened to the adverts with half an ear as I wrongly assumed they just replaying the series already showed on 10. Will set the IQ to tape for sure now.

  12. The pilot was brilliant and while it didn’t manage to keep up that level it was still entertaining.

    Definitely worth more to Ten selling it onto Soho than screening it.

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