Scott Cam: “I think I’ve got Buckleys” for the Gold Logie

2014-04-03_1620Scott Cam may have been a surprise Gold Logie nomination this week but for the carpenter turned TV presenter, it’s a bit of a dream.

“This is really exciting. I’ve been watching the Logies since I was a boy. To be put at that level it’s a bit crazy,” he told TV Tonight.

The Block presenter has now chalked up 15 years in television since commencing on Backyard Blitz in 1999. He took over The Block in the revived 2010 series at a time when original host, Jamie Durie, was no longer with Nine.

This week he was nominated for Gold alongside Asher Keddie, Essie Davis, Carrie Bickmore, Steve Peacocke and Andy Lee.

So who does he see his his key competition?

“The others. All of them. I’m very happy to be nominated but I think I’ve got Buckleys. But I will certainly cop the nomination on the chin,” he laughed.

“I will just sit back and cop the few free beers coming my way.”

This season of The Block has held up well against the might of My Kitchen Rules, including in a head to head timeslot. In recent weeks it has enjoyed some of its best figures all season.

“We like producing good, family-orientated TV where mum, dad and 3 kids can sit down together and watch TV. If you look at our open inspections we had 25,000 people there. 90% of them were mum, dad and 3 kids,” says Cam.

“It’s a great thing for us. With families today you have mum & dad watching television, someone on the computer, someone else on Facebook, Twitter but for an hour a night the whole family comes together to watch The Block.

“I think kids like watching real people doing stuff. They say ‘That could be my Mum and Dad.’ They also love building. When we did Backyard Blitz ten years ago we had an enormous fanbase of under 10s and there was nothing there for them to see bar the building.

“They loved the Bob the Builder thing.”

With its profile Auction episode set for next Wednesday, The Block‘s next season is getting underway in High St. Prahran, due to air later in the year.

“I spend 6 months a year (in Melbourne),” he explained.

“I’ve been at home for 2 months, now I’m here for 4 and I will go home for 3 months and we will see what happens after that.

“It’s 7 days a week on The Block. It’s a hard show to work on.”

And who is his tip to win next week?

“I love all the apartments and contestants equally like my children.”


  1. daveinprogress

    The Gold Logie is the hardest one to predict. I’ve been following the awards since the 1970’s and the changes to voting and the social media ingredients makes it tough to know how it will end up. Karl won for appearing in 15 hours of telly every week, Asher won for 13 hours of her program in a year! Hamish Blake? Ray Meagher? It has no predictabl trajectory from year to year. Scott Cam could well win it.

  2. Never say never. The Block out-rates anything that Carrie, Asher or any of the other nominees are in, so it’s highly possible Scott Could win.

  3. @smit0847 – Essie Davis plays main character Phryne Fisher on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on the ABC (a well-deserved nomination too IMHO 🙂 ).

  4. As much as I hate to say it I think he might win it given how hard Nine pushed for him during the voting period. Also the fact The Block has been on air through the entire voting period would not have hurt either.

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