Spicks and Specks: Apr 23

2014-04-22_1404This week on Spicks and Specks, Josh Earl, Ella Hooper and Adam Richard are joined by legendary front woman of the Motels, Martha Davis, opera singer Teddy Tahu Rhodes and comedians Frank Woodley and Luke McGregor.

In the first round, Know Your Product, with Teddy on her team, Ella chooses Romantic Opera, while Adam gives his team the challenge of Glam Rock, making Martha very happy. In round two, Look What They’re Done to My Song Ma, the teams guess the popular songs played by Phia on a thumb piano called a Kalimba – a little known African instrument enhanced by a loop pedal.

In the next round Two Little Words, team members guess the musician or band described to them in only two little words. Martha guesses for her team while Teddy dons the Spicks specs for his team.

The Spicks and Specks favourite, Substitute, sees Teddy taking to the mike singing lyrics from the children’s book Ted’s Lucky Ball and reliving his most awkward moment singing the New Zealand national anthem. Martha enchants us all singing from the book, Mastering Rubik‚Äôs Cubes.

Heading into the Final Countdown, Adam’s team is leading, but not by much… it’s anybody’s game!

8:30pm Wednesday ABC1.


  1. i could be wrong but i don’t remember them putting out detailed rundowns of the episode for the first incarnation of the show. Maybe they’re getting more desperate to get viewers. I watch it sometimes largely depending on who the guests are, its just not the same as the good old days. i will definatly be tuning into to see the legendary & under rated Martha Davis though, and her scarf even matches the set! Adam Richards is starting to grate on my nerves too with that stupid giggle of his.

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