Steve & Chantelle win The Block: Fans v Faves

bl11Steve and Chantelle have won The Block with a record-breaking profit of $736,000.

The Melbourne couple sold their apartment for $2,470,000, with a profit $636,000 of plus another $100,000 cash.

The sale price set a new auction record for the Nine series, beating the 2012 profit of $606,000. It was a nail-biting finish as each apartment outsold the bumper price of the preceding auction.

“This has been the craziest night of television I’ve ever done,” said host Scott Cam.

The finale ended 10 weeks of renovation episodes in which Dux House in Albert Park was transformed into 4 multi-storey apartments.

For the first time ever the contestants managed to agree on an auction order, following an elaborate movie-like sequence of Reserve prices transported in armoured security vans.

The win for Steve and Chantelle follows Steve criticising the show for selective-editing -something that is presumably long forgotten after so many zeros….

Reserve: $1,834,000
Sold: $2470,000
Profit: $636,000

Reserve: $1,759,000
Sold: $2,375,000
Profit: $616,000

Reserve: $1,872,750
Sold: $2,440,000
Profit: $567,250

Reserve: $1,802,750
Sold: $2,310,000
Profit: $507,250

Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network, said: “It is a great result for the couples who have worked relentlessly to turn a shell of a building into four sought-after luxurious homes. This project required real entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. I’m really happy for all concerned.”

Julian Cress, Executive Producer, said: “Last night’s results were nothing short of phenomenal and are testament to the hard work put in by all contestants. Huge congrats to Chantelle and Steve but I’d like to pay particular thanks to those true gentlemen, Brad and Dale, for putting their hands up and volunteering to be first in the auction order. They knew they had a number of cashed up buyers eager to bid and their auction really set the scene for everyone and delivered the greatest gift to their neighbours.”

2003 – Bondi – Adam And Fiona – $256,000
2004 – Manly – Jamie And Andrew – $178,000
2010 – Vaucluse – John And Neisha – $305,000
2011 – Richmond – Polly And Waz – $115,000
2012 – South Melbourne – Brad And Lara – $606,000
2013 – Allstars (Bondi) – Phil And Amity – $395,000
2013 – Sky High (South Melbourne) – Alisa And Lysandra – $395,000

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  1. In Steve and Chantelle’s Apartment, most of it was okay any changes like the bedroom wooden feature, the bathroom problems and etc., were all cosmetic, probably only take $5,000 or so dollars to fix-up.

    Also their Apartment was North facing with lots of natural light (as was Kyal and Kara’s), the other 2 were quite dark most times. Also Steve and Chantelle’s Apartment had good views of the City, not the panoramic views of Kyal and Kara’s, however better than the other 2 South facing ones. So if a bidder missed out on Kyal and Kara’s, for views Steve and Chantelle’s was the next best option.

    @The Other Adam – If there was a plunge on betting on Steve and Chantelle, then we would of heard about it, so doubtful that happened.

  2. Well that was a surprise win!
    Congrats to Steve and Chantelle who pulled off the ultimate “Stephen Bradbury”.
    But no way was theirs the best apartment.
    Obviously the order of the auctions had a lot to do with who won this year – certain buyers desperate to get one of the apartments didn’t want to miss out so S & C benefitted hugely by being last.
    However, last year it was the exact opposite, with Alissa and Lysandra being first up in auction order and winning – guess that’s why the boys opted to go first this year.
    Just glad the twins didn’t win again as they come across as just so mean spirited and horrible.

  3. Having subscribed to this series (which is rare for me with any commercial network reality show) it was nice to see this couple take it out. As I was new to the journey of The Block I was aghast at the constant hurdles Steve and Chantelle seemed to have thrown in their way – even with “Foreman” Keith usually there to impress on Steve the way of the land. It seemed in hindsight, that they encountered much less favour than the others and had to really work harder to secure some simple acceptance, so to see them take out the grand prize is only fitting. The boys allegedly are being courted for other things, the twins won last year and the blondies…well they’re blonde and have a stash of cash. The right team won in my eyes.

  4. It was such an ugly apartment with terrible taste and finishes.I wonder if the owner guts the apartment and starts all over again.
    Certainly the best apartment didn’t win.

  5. Has it always been price over the reserve? I thought it was percentage profit over reserve…

    Well done to them, and good on Frank for finally getting an apartment.

  6. I agree, it all came down to auction order this time around. The reserves were also extremely low in my opinion.

    What I think would be interesting for the next season is to run the auctions simultaneously. I haven’t totally figured out how it would work, but it would be a good way to mix things up a bit.

  7. The Other Adam

    What’s stopping someone that has a lot of money to bet a few million dollars on Steve & Chanetelle and then pay out another few million for the apartment (using someone as a proxy)… Could get a nice apartment and a few extra millions out of the deal.

    Could that be what has happened?

  8. Congrats to Steve & Chantelle for choosing to go last in the auction order. I think whoever went last was going to win & I was so glad the girls got beaten.
    I think Brad & Dale were selfless for going first, they set it up for everyone else.
    Great show. Lets hope the ratings were huge.

  9. Well done to Steve and Chantelle!
    All their hard work paid off and I wouldn’t mind being made to look a bit dopey for that amount of money.
    Not my favourite apartment but someone obviously liked it.
    The delivery of the reserve prices was dopey especially making them jump in the pool to get it!
    Bring on the next Block!

  10. Winning the show and the extra $100,000 seems somewhat insignificant when they all walk away with $500,000. I don’t think the other three couples would give a stuff that they didn’t win.

  11. Ugh. This is not The Block of the first few seasons i loved. Can’t stand the show anymore. Why kind of simpletons still watch it? It’s nothing but a commercial for a different company every 30 seconds.

  12. Wow even the lowest net profit was better than all winners of previous years. Though I don’t think it’s fair to compare now and then.

    They should do the block when the housing market crashes, then it’ll be an epic finale.

  13. Wow, that was unexpected!! I would have put money on the super Ks due to their popularity, but I’m fine with being wrong. Congrats to them all the same.

  14. What a great twist for a finale. It was everyone guessing which of the other 3 teams would win as Steve and Chantelle were the underdogs …and then Steve and Chantelle come out of nowhere and win not just The Block but beat the previous record of most money made. I was hoping they would win, so it was a nail biter right to the end.

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