US Rake bumped again

2014-04-02_1121The US adaptation of Rake is getting moved by FOX yet again, clearly signalling the show won’t be getting another lease of life.

Deadline reports it will end its run sooner than expected and on a different night.

The Greg Kinnear series, which originally aired on Thursday, was bumped to Fridays where it was to air its final two episodes this week and next week.

But now the last two episodes will run back-to-back this Saturday, April 5, replaced by the finale of Kitchen Nightmares USA.

Reviews for the US adaptation of Rake were mixed, contrasting the Australian original which has performed well for a third season. Netflix will screen the Australian production with Richard Roxburgh.

Roxburgh recently seemed to hint that he may reconsider a fourth season for the legal drama, given audiences and network were so enthusiastic. With a US version off the table for writer Peter Duncan, its chances surely have another boost.

Australian audiences should get to see the US version of Rake on the Universal channel sometime soon, now that ABC series has wrapped.


  1. Sounds like the real life story of Episodes – Americans trying to replicate other countries’ hit series. It really demonstrates how different we are to them – the original Rake was just wonderful, but peculiarly Australian which probably only the Brits and NZers would understand. Ditto Kath & Kim, whether you liked it or not, never had a chance of being successfully replicated in the US, but did well in the UK.

    I do hope Roxburgh reconsiders a 4th series – it just got better and better each week. Just wonderful, funny, stuff.

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