Will Andrew O’Keefe host a late-night show?

2014-04-21_2209There’s been a bit of chatter of late about potential late-night shows under consideration by networks, variously hosted by Andrew O’Keefe, Charlie Pickering, Larry Emdur, Karl Stefanovic (some celebs apparently can work from morning til night?).

Andrew O’Keefe of course has dabbled in the area before, having hosted and produced This is Your Laugh on 7HD in 2008, which he admits was “pretty experimental”

“We spruiked it as an impro-interview show or something like that,” he told TV Tonight.

“It was fun, but it’s the last time I hope I ever make a show for $15,000 an episode. But we did it.

“I didn’t take a fee for that one!”

With Deal or No Deal no longer in production, O’Keefe’s sole television job is Weekend Sunrise, which at 6 hours of live TV a week is no small task.

But as he explains, he is indeed exploring new opportunities.

“Now that I’ve got some time on my hands, it’s great to get out and about and chat about what the future may hold to people who know a hell of a lot more about this business than I do,” he said.

“So at the moment zilch… but something will stick eventually.”

So are the rumours about a late-night show true? O’Keefe is coy, given the ultimate decision isn’t in his hands.

“You know how telly works. It’s a 1 in 100 hit rate on new ideas. You don’t know if it’s going to be #10, #49 or #100,” he presses.

“Currently I’m up to about #8 so I probably have a long way to go.”


  1. I say reruns of Andrew Denton Show.You watch soon we will have 3 channels showing the same thing,variety they call it.What about some niche programming at 1030.Ten has been doing it for a while with new eps of Touch,The Glades,Reruns of The 4400.Keep it up

  2. once-upon-a-time

    If Karl is a possible late show host, does this mean that definitely nothing will happen with him, till after the ‘logies’ at the earliest, simply because we all saw his mini ‘Fev’ impersonation with Lisa after a previous logie presentation night.

    Andrew O’Keefe would be a natural late show host, much like Don Lane only with an aussie accent, with Kochie as another natural, as in a Bert Newton style fall guy role.

    This would enable another ‘Melisa Doyle’ white anted but dignified style transition, as Kochies light continues to fade on Sunrise (and I honestly hope that all his bloopers of late, are only a result of pressures of trying to hard to ‘hang on as co-host’) and not indicators of other problems, or even worse if they are contrived bloopers.

  3. I thought there was talk last year of Larry Emdur hosting a late night show.

    Something along the lines of what Steve Vizard did back in the day could work well. Perfect opportunity for channel Ten.

  4. I would prefer Mr OKeefe was not on TV at all. He is the most irrating, annoying and rude person I have watched. He tries to get his cheap laughs out of other peoples misery which I find very disturbing. I honestly don’t know anyone who likes him and the comments that are often posted on Sunrise FB page are usually in the negative.

  5. Andrew O’Keefe is an extraordinary talent. I know he polarises people but underneath those many layers of campiness is someone with a very sharp mind who is probably one of the smartest people in the business. If he can tone down the spontaneous outbursts of singing, I reckon he’d win over a much larger audience.

  6. I like the idea of Andrew hosting a night show, he is so much smarter, so much more socially aware and just a good bit more clever with his wicked banter than most who are being put forward.
    Dream team = AOK and Amanda Keller !!

  7. In my opinion, both Andrew O’Keefe and Charlie Pickering would be excellent hosts of a night time variety/chat show. However, I can’t see Larry Emdur or Karl Stefanovic in that role.

  8. On the possibility of Karl Stephanovic hosting both the Today show and an Australian Tonight show, you have to remember that late night tv shows are actually not live but taped late in the afternoon. Today is No1 on the East Coast at the moment, its highly unlikely that Karl will leave the Today show anytime soon.

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