Tuesday 6 May 2014

Report:  Daily Free-to-Air Share
Channels:All Free-to-Air Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
Demographics: Total People (incl. guests)
Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00
Overnight and Consolidated
Network ABC111.7%11.9%
Network ABC22.7%2.6%
Network ABC30.9%0.8%
Network ABC News 240.9%0.9%
Network ABC TTL16.3%16.2%
Network 719.8%36.7%
Network 7TWO3.8%3.2%
Network 7mate3.3%3.1%
Network 7 TTL26.8%43.0%
Network 927.9%16.8%
Network GO!3.3%2.9%
Network Gem2.8%2.8%
Network 9 TTL34.0%22.5%
Network TEN14.5%9.9%
Network ONE2.1%1.9%
Network ELEVEN2.3%2.6%
Network TEN TTL18.9%14.3%
Network SBS ONE3.2%3.2%
Network SBS 20.7%0.8%
Network NITV0.1%0.1%
Network SBS TTL 4.0%4.0%


Report:  Top 20 Programs
Channels:All Free-to-Air
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -TUENetwork 91,896,000576,000595,000349,000211,000164,000
2NINE NEWSNetwork 91,270,000381,000411,000283,00097,00099,000
3NINE NEWS 6:30Network 91,196,000394,000383,000235,00095,00089,000
4A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork 91,195,000383,000382,000234,00097,00099,000
5SEVEN NEWSNetwork 71,195,000329,000288,000227,000152,000200,000
6SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTNetwork 71,046,000294,000265,000220,000102,000164,000
7HOME AND AWAYNetwork 71,004,000244,000266,000205,000120,000169,000
8HOUSE RULES-TUENetwork 7951,000233,000266,000193,00095,000163,000
9MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA TUESNetwork TEN847,000253,000304,000113,00077,000101,000
10ABC NEWS-EVNetwork ABC1841,000238,000295,000104,00082,000122,000
11MOM -TUENetwork 9740,000181,000269,000127,000102,00061,000
127.30-EVNetwork ABC1716,000205,000225,000115,00068,000103,000
13RESURRECTIONNetwork 7713,000184,000195,000149,00092,00093,000
14NEW TRICKS RPTNetwork ABC1702,000171,000227,000122,00083,00099,000
15HOT SEATNetwork 9699,000201,000223,000167,00060,00048,000
16RESURRECTION-EP.2Network 7651,000183,000174,000121,00093,00081,000
17NCISNetwork TEN644,000180,000211,00095,00065,00094,000
18TEN EYEWITNESS NEWSNetwork TEN635,000170,000172,000111,00075,000107,000
19THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN624,000167,000196,000101,00065,00096,000
20ABC NEWS UPDATE-EVNetwork ABC1575,000123,000191,00099,00078,00084,000


Report:  Top 20 Programs
Channels:All free-to-air Multi Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1BEN AND HOLLY’S LITTLE KINGDOM-PMNetwork ABC2282,000123,00063,00039,00028,00029,000
2PENELOPE-PMNetwork ABC2272,000114,00040,00056,00026,00035,000
3THE PAJANIMALS-EVNetwork ABC2270,000101,00060,00042,00035,00033,000
4NEIGHBOURSNetwork ELEVEN270,00042,00090,00061,00031,00046,000
5HUMF-PMNetwork ABC2263,000113,00046,00046,00021,00037,000
6TIMMY TIME-PMNetwork ABC2244,00095,00055,00041,00027,00027,000
7PEPPA PIG-PMNetwork ABC2241,00078,00067,00043,00023,00029,000
8BEN AND HOLLY’S LITTLE KINGDOM-AMNetwork ABC2239,00075,00055,00053,00027,00028,000
9BANANAS IN PYJAMAS-PMNetwork ABC2235,00074,00066,00043,00026,00026,000
10PEPPA PIG-AMNetwork ABC2227,00081,00051,00045,00026,00022,000
11SPICKS AND SPECKS-EVNetwork ABC2223,00058,00043,00087,00023,00012,000
12FLORRIE’S DRAGONS-EVNetwork ABC2218,00085,00034,00040,00026,00032,000
13THE BIG BANG THEORY -EV TX1Network GO!215,00044,00053,00039,00043,00035,000
14CHARLIE AND LOLA-AMNetwork ABC2211,00054,00053,00049,00022,00032,000
15GIGGLE AND HOOT-EVNetwork ABC2201,00072,00034,00050,00022,00023,000
16THE BIG BANG THEORY -EV TX2Network GO!201,00039,00046,00042,00043,00031,000
17PLAY SCHOOL-PMNetwork ABC2200,00056,00054,00034,00027,00030,000
18I’M A DINOSAUR-PMNetwork ABC2198,00062,00059,00031,00020,00027,000
19OCTONAUTS-AMNetwork ABC2181,00059,00046,00029,00022,00025,000
20AIR CRASH INVESTIGATIONS-NEWNetwork 7TWO179,00038,00066,00039,00014,00023,000



Free to Air: 25-54 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -TUENetwork 91,013,000315,000329,000182,00099,00089,000
2NINE NEWSNetwork 9488,000170,000162,00094,00029,00033,000
3MOM -TUENetwork 9485,000126,000179,00077,00064,00040,000
4A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork 9481,000159,000155,00094,00034,00039,000
5NINE NEWS 6:30Network 9480,000174,000149,00091,00030,00036,000


Free to Air: 18-49 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -TUENetwork 9902,000277,000305,000167,00083,00070,000
2MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA TUESNetwork TEN455,000138,000166,00064,00031,00055,000
3MOM -TUENetwork 9439,000104,000159,00087,00057,00032,000
4HOUSE RULES-TUENetwork 7419,000111,000112,00090,00031,00075,000
5HOME AND AWAYNetwork 7406,00096,000117,00080,00035,00078,000


Free to Air: 16-39 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -TUENetwork 9550,000164,000196,00091,00050,00050,000
2MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA TUESNetwork TEN319,00091,000125,00050,00022,00031,000
3HOUSE RULES-TUENetwork 7276,00070,00076,00062,00019,00049,000
4HOME AND AWAYNetwork 7267,00061,00079,00052,00020,00056,000
5MOM -TUENetwork 9259,00062,00096,00044,00037,00019,000


Report:  Top 20 Programs
Channels:National STV
Market: National STV
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription Channel\Market(r) National STV
3GAME OF THRONESshowcase55,000
12THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFFLifeStyle Channel39,000
14FAST N’ LOUDDiscovery Turbo MAX38,000
19A.N.T. FARMDisney Channel35,000
20GOOD LUCK CHARLIEDisney Channel35,000



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  1. House rules is the best out of the three and should be in the top position. MasterChef is old and dated and the voice is repetitive and predictable .
    Pick your game up Australia

  2. I’m afraid House Rules this year features a bunch of bogans and a model as contestants. And the renos look fairly average.

    Its doing well in Perth because nost leave their TV on 7 all night regardless of what else is on.

  3. I do think The Voice attracts an older and broader audience as you can see it topping the three demos, while MCA and HR do not appear in the 25-54’s

    It’s also interesting that while The Voice is a ratings winner, the contestants from the shows have had average success after the season and this goes for the US show too.

  4. David, I have a question about Million Dollar Minute.

    It seems when someone is playing for $250K+, MDM can match Hot Seat in the ratings. When this happens, channel 7 news and current affairs out rates it’s channel 9 competitors. Otherwise, MDM rates at about 80% of Hot Seat, and the channel 9 news/current affairs win comfortably.

    Would channel 7 be pleased with this outcome, given past results with Deal or No Deal? Or are they likely to tinker with the format of MDM to try to deliver more consistently high ratings?


  5. Hey Wolfie, man, what about people who love renovating? In my case, I don’t like amateurish TV. Therefore, I really don’t know what to watch except Big Bang T.

  6. Yes David I said it was just an observation and I leave the real ratings analysis to the experts.

    I am just happy that the House Rules thing is sinking. We hate renovation shows. Would anyone really buy such a hacked together house by amateurs. I certainly would not, so why waste our viewing time with such rubbish. 7 have also spoiled 72, which we loved by having all those property pgm’s from pay TV on that channel now. They wonder why ratings are down? I would rather go on the net than watch such rubbish – are you listening 7?

  7. bettestreep2008

    I humbly apologise for predicting MCA would be a ratings flop.

    Beating HR in Syd and Mel is very impressive.
    And finally getting double digits and beating the ABC again gets a pat on the back.

    No wonder Seven is resorting to showing bitchiness in the HR promos. It worked really well for MCA so they obviously think that will help HR as well.

    Which is what Ten avoids on MCA. I think there was a blink and you’ll miss second where George says ‘yuk’ to one of the contestant’s meals but that was the only ‘negative’ moment of a 90 minute plus episode.

    But I agree with other comments – a bit less of the teary emotional stuff please. Byron obviously got the last apron because of his ‘I left my job, my girlfriend … sob sob sob….” story he gave the judges.

    I enjoy the show but sometimes they do go overboard with these ‘sob’ stories.

    • Bettestreep: Presuming you meant “it worked really well for MKR.”

      Wolfie: Not convinced an online forum proves anything. The Voice is leading younger demos too. Blind Auditions are usually a category killer across the board.

  8. Looking at Whirlpool forum site and TV sub section, The most discussion is about HR, then MC and least discussion on the Voice. That confirms the demographic results up to a point as the Voice has the most older viewers and many of them would not use Internet forums to discuss the show. Just an interesting observation, nothing more or less 🙂

  9. We hoped Shine would adjust Masterchef to make it viewer friendly once again, for Ten viewers. Hope the emotional stuff slows down, don’t want to overdo that.

    HR is boring like all home renovation pgm’s – take note 7. Resurrection is science fiction – see ratings on 11. That is where it will end up 7 🙁

    Voice will rate because Kylie is OK as one of the mentors imho.

    Project does better with Rove. It is made by his company so take note Rove – come back to Oz 🙂

  10. Wow, Masterchef so far is not the ratings flop that so many people here were predicting, and now that they have picked the top 24 contestants, the show might even start beating House Rules nationally in that timeslot consistently.
    The audience for Resurrection is falling away fast – pretty predictable. The concept looked interesting, but it ran out of steam after episode 1

  11. Only one night’s data but the % of people watching the same reality show on Tuesday night as they were on Monday night are pretty interesting.

    The Voice – 95%
    House Rules – 87%
    Masterchef – 97%

    Too early to call but channel 10 may have gotten it’s loyal Masterchef viewers back on side.

  12. Impressive. Only a slight dip from the launch episode on Monday and TEN finally beat ABC in primaries and network share. I’d say that’s a good night for them all things considered this year.

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