Airdate: The Flamin’ Thongs

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 6.56.57 pm.jpgNext week ABC3 begins a new animated shorts series, The Flamin’ Thongs.

The 12 minute episodes about a dysfunctional family has a vice cast including Brandon Burns, Kate McLennan, Mark Mitchell and Denise Drysdale.

Whale Bay is home to the disaster-prone Thong family and to Australia’s least visited tourist attraction, the Giant Thong. But that may be about to change, for all the wrong reasons… During this hilarious 26 x 12 min animated comedy series, follow the fantastic but fanciful plans of the dysfunctional Thong Family – parents Trevor and Brenda, their 12-year-old son Holden and 14-year-old daughter Narelle – as they try to put Whale Bay on the map.

Holden has a wild imagination and ability to construct amazing gadgets from recycled scrap. So, along with his Dad, Trevor’s, hare-brained tourist-attracting schemes, Whale Bay is about to be wiped off the map before it’s even on one! Barely tolerating their antics is Holden’s sister Narelle, who desperately wants to get out of Whale Bay, and his mother Brenda who just wants things to be normal. Given Holden’s best friend, Rerp, is a cane toad in a school uniform, there’s little chance of that!

Weekdays at 7.50am on ABC3 from Friday May 9.

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