Airdate: What Really Happens In Bali, Hustling America.

2014-05-19_1231It used to be Seven’s unstoppable drama night but on Tuesday next week Seven will premiere two factual series, What Really Happens In Bali and Hustling America.

What Really Happens In Bali premieres at 8:45pm.

Follows a diverse mix of Aussie holidaymakers and expats with unprecedented access inside Bali’s busiest emergency rooms to see what really happens in Australia’s favourite tourist destination. Inside Kerobokan jail, we meet the Bali Nine ringleader who is facing the death penalty and the woman who’s giving him hope. A day of cliff jumping ends in tragedy and the Australian self-made millionaire who is overseeing the grand opening of his latest venture.

It will be followed by a new series, Hustling America.

TV conman Alexis Conran travels across America following in the footsteps of history’s greatest hustlers in the hopes of pulling off one of the hardest cons of all time. He heads to Texas where he cons an unsuspecting car dealer to win himself a brand-new yellow Mustang.

A repeat of Adam Hills presents Aussies in Montreal: Just for Laughs follows at 10:45pm.

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