Airdate: When Love Comes to Town

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.58.25 am.jpgNine has set a date with its new romance reality show, When Love Comes to Town.

Featuring 12 single ladies, it will premiere at 8:30pm Tuesday May 20, a timeslot that wasn’t so kind to The Great Australian Bake-Off. But for now it is without Seven’s traditional local drama in the same timeslot and enjoys a bumper lead-in.

Hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski, the brand new series will visit 10 of the most breathtaking destinations in country Australia as these unlucky-in-love ladies meet the two most eligible single men in each town.

Crossing the continent on Australia’s biggest ever singles search, the girls will travel more than 10,000 kilometres to find true love.

After boarding the love bus in Perth, the flirty dozen will head first to Margaret River in WA, before their romantic expedition crosses the state border to Kangaroo Island, the Barossa and Robe in South Australia.

Continuing their journey in Victoria, the lonely hearts will visit Sale and Cobram, alongside the mighty Murray River, before heading north to Orange and Port Macquarie (NSW). Then on to Queensland, stopping at Mount Isa and completing their trans-continental quest for romance in tropical Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays.

The charming country blokes we meet along the way will be as varied as the towns the girls visit. Coming from all walks of life, the girls will date guys from tradies to doctors, lawyers to winemakers, even a stonemason.

In each town the lovelorn ladies will have the opportunity to get to know the guys as well as learn about their lives and what they love about life in their community. They’ll also meet the boys’ friends and families and spend time in what could be their new home.

Ultimately they will have to decide whether to stay in a town and pursue a relationship with the rural Romeo they fancy, or get back on the bus hoping to find love in the next town.

With 12 girls vying to find the man of their dreams, the competition will be fierce. Sparks will fly, tears will flow and hearts will be broken – but above all, romance will blossom on this passionate search for love on a truly grand scale.

8:30pm Tuesday May 20 on Nine.


  1. maxxdude is 100% correct. Reverse the roles and the fem-nazis would be up in arms calling it sexist. As it is, the sexist proposition of females arriving to town, playing with the emotions of males in the town, only to get back on the bus is woeful, but some would call it “liberating” Seriously flawed format.

  2. Preferred Farmer Wants a Wife to this. It has only intrigued me since they featured the guys rather than concentrating on the crazy blonde.
    By the way if the original ad for this show had been gender reversed it would have been banned. Imagine the uproar if the ad featured a bus load of males “invading” a female town & brandishing whips & branding irons at the females.
    But because the roles were reversed it was OK.
    I think Nine has a loser with this show.

  3. Sound like another “The Farmer wants a wife” or perhaps “Please Marry my Boy” type of show cant they come up with some new types of shows?

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