Big Bang tops Thursday, no lift for last Dance.

Ratings: At 7:30 viewers went for familiarity over new or lengthy choices, but Seven won -just.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.10.33 am.jpgIt was an interesting night in the ratings.

In a nutshell Big Bang won, House Rules dropped, Call the Midwife was solid, So You Think You Can Dance did not improve and Fargo increased the share for SBS.

Seven network won the night -just- with 28.6% then Nine 28.3%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 17.5% and SBS 6.9%.

Seven News (1.17m / 1.1m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (997,000), House Rules (987,000), Under the Hammer (652,000), Million Dollar Minute (571,000), and How I Met Your Mother last’s ever episodes (481,000 / 475,000).

The Big Bang Theory topped the night at 1.25m / 1.07m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.13m / 1.02m), ACA (939,000), The Footy Show (709,000), Hot Seat (629,000) and Two and a Half Men (359,000).

ABC News (874,000) topped ABC1 followed by a strong showing for Call the Midwife (807,000). Next were 7:30 (768,000) a repeat of The Checkout (759,000) and Accused (313,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (582,000) was strongest at TEN then The Project (509,000 / 369,000), SVU (467,000 / 381,000) and So You Think You Can Dance Australia (451,000 / 443,000).

On SBS ONE it was French Food Safari (349,000), Luke Nguyen’s France (311,000), a double Fargo premiere (255,000) and SBS World News (129,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels at 301,000.

The Morning Show: 162,000
Mornings: 92,000
Studio 10: 51,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 1 May 2014

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  1. I’d like to thank the ABC for the News, the former The 7.30 Report and Lateline.

    I tried Fargo or at least most of the first episode and found it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m glad it did relatively well for SBS however. So there are people enjoying it. Very glad. The actors were wonderful. It is beautifully made too.

    I know I’ve made a few complaints about computer graphics. The standard ones still apply. But I did notice that the twitter handle was in the EPG. Also SBS didn’t spoil the second episode. I just want to thank them very much for putting the information in the appropriate place. As well as harmless place. It could be helpful for people wanting to look it up during the day, week or anytime. So is much more helpful.

    Plus for those of us without twitter it doesn’t annoy in any way. Very much appreciated. Just like I appreciate people putting “repeat” or “Live”…

  2. So Seven’s decision to replace paid advertising with promos for House Rules seems to have backfired again.So now Seven does what it does best – seduce viewers with $250K.
    SYTYCD finale was great & deserved a bigger audience. I really hope Ten will persist & build on this year. Ten needs the continuity if they want to be known for Event TV.

  3. I should have added in my earlier post that I only watched Fargo on David’s recommendation and like so many good shows if it wasn’t for TvTonight I wouldn’t know they were on. Thanks.

  4. Yes the HIMYM final episode was a disappointment, all the character development seemed to be for nothing and yes it felt rushed. I liked the character and actress who played the “mother” I thought the character was perfect for Ted. Perhaps they could have had half the season of the wedding and then we could have seen more of Ted and the mother together, who knows. I know it is How I “met” your mother but still.

    While the writers had already planned the ending from the start of the series it would have only worked if the show only lasted a few seasons, just because that is what they planned doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. If you look on the internet for those who haven’t watched it yet not many fans were a fan of the ending.

    I have read when the DVD of the final season is released there is going to be an alternate ending whether that was planned or not I find it…

  5. Sorry know I’ve commented once already but have to say I agree with karebear and den – the last episode of HIMYM left me speechless for hours not knowing whether to be angry or happy. Definitely not the ending that such a long series deserved – not to mention keeping the ending a secret since season 2 is just plain mean!

  6. David Knox – “Yes, I gave Fargo a glowing review and have called it the best new show on FTA so far this year.”

    Didn’t even realise it was on till I read your review, David.
    So glad I watched – thanks for putting me onto it.
    Even echoes of the quirky Northern Exposure in there as well…

  7. @karebear
    The ending of HIMYM does spoil the whole series for me too.

    You could basically watch season 1 and the series finale and it would suit. What is baffling is that the writers knew how it ended and yet wrote such a poorly paced final season with the last episode throwing all character development out the window (for Barney, Robin and Ted especially)

  8. @Josh777 – I said much the same on another thread. Very sad to see a show of such quality not even break the 500K mark. SYTYCD’s ratings definitely do not reflect the quality of the show or its content. I agree with Evan43 – it’s extremely unlikely it will be back ever again.

  9. Really impressed with Fargo.
    A little bit of Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, No Country For Old Men and The Sopranos all rolled into one.
    Absolutely compelling viewing and does black humour so well.
    Martin Freeman and Billy Bob are outstanding.
    Am calling it as the best show I’ve seen since BB…along with Puberty Blues of course.

  10. Very disappointed with the last episode of HIMYM. Don’t think I’ll even bother watching reruns now I know how it turns out. And way too much was crammed into the final eps. Really strange especially as the rest of this season moved so slowly. We were waiting weeks for the wedding of Barney and Robyn (and now we know how that turned out :-/). Weird!!!

  11. That is really sad to see SYTYCDAU didn’t pull bigger numbers for the finale =( I thought it would have at least broke the 500k barrier. Really sad that the ratings don’t reflect the quality of the show.

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