Bumped: I Wanna Marry Harry, Blue Bloods.

2014-05-26_1444You blogged, they listened….?

TEN has decided not to screen I Wanna Marry Harry on Sunday nights after all, in a scheduling backflip that will now see it premiere from 8:30pm this Friday night.

A much more suitable timeslot.

That’s despite the network describing the show as “compelling viewing” and that overseas it was “rapidly becoming a television event.”

Many readers suggested Harry would have been better suited to another night or on ELEVEN:

– Please no, this should be on Eleven, not be the anchor for Sundsy night programming.
– If Ten have half a brain they’ll have a backup program ready to go for the following Sunday because I can’t see it lasting more than a week. It really should be airing on Eleven
– I thought they should of put this on ELEVEN. I may record it, to watch out of interest.
– This is prime Friday nights on Eleven fodder – it would sit perfectly with Snog, Marry, Avoid.
– This is such a bad move by TEN. I agree with johntv, they are bringing bad ratings upon themselves. This show will last two weeks before it is moved to Eleven.
– This will last 2 weeks then moved to Fridays.

Last week I suggested the fake Reality show would struggle at 6:30pm Sundays. Last night’s Modern Family numbers showed what’s possible in the hour, with 808,000 viewers for the second half hour.

UPDATE: TEN now slates Modern Family repeats at 6:30 /7pm Sunday. No sign of The Millers.

This Friday Blue Bloods moves to 9:30pm. It appears that Hawaii Five-0 remains a repeat at 10:30pm, so new eps are out.


  1. once-upon-a-time

    I wonder if Network Ten have ever considered employing somebody who actually watches FTA TV, and who actually watches TV in real time, on an averaged priced TV, and who has experienced the ‘decline’ (from the best and most consistent reception, to best and most consistent No Signal reception) of Ten and Ten’s affiliate signal strength, especially in regional areas??

  2. Thanks David for finding out about H50 and Blue Bloods. Although I’m glad Blue Bloods is back it’s a shame it comes at the cost of H50 which is an equally great drama. Hopefully TEN find a new place for it soon as it sucks when they drop series half way through a season. And sucks about Millers being gone as well given it’s one of the best sitcoms on TV.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    Ten’s programmers shouldn’t have to eat humble pie like this because they shouldn’t be making such obvious errors in the first place. I still say that this is not a 25-54’s show and should be on Eleven but won’t be watching this “television event” wherever it ends up.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    Maybe TEN should fire their playout staff, one promo for this is 8.30 Friday the next one is for Sunday…..get it right people….go back to people handling playout instead of computers

  5. Just to clarify, I meant Friday nights on the main channel. Putting there on ELEVEN would be fine since it won’t be seen by many people.

  6. This does not address any of my previous concerns. TLR is finally starting to build an audience on Friday nights, with the last episode getting over 600,000. So now we will have potentially more than 600,000 viewers leading into Ten’s trashy, brand-damaging programming blunder. And this could hurt Blue Bloods, which is already struggling.

    Who wanted the show moved to Fridays? I would rather they don’t air it at all. But if they insist on airing it, can they please get it out of primetime and/or off the main channel?

  7. glennc- Ditto. Two weeks ago, no H50. Last week was at 8:30. Promo still running for this week at 9:30. Don’t know what they had planned for 8:30 this week. But…hey…it’s only Monday.

  8. Nooo! What about Blue Bloods?! They set a return date in record time following its bumping from Monday’s for HYBPA (which BTW didn’t rate as high as Blue Bloods was) and now it’s bumped again. Please David can you find out if TEN is finding it another timeslot.

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