Bumped: The Millers, Hawaii Five-0. Update: Modern Family, Blue Bloods

Heads up. Some changes are in for TEN's schedule.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.20.10 am.jpgSome changes are in for TEN’s schedule:

This Sunday The Millers moves to 6:30pm and Modern Family to 7pm.

A week later Modern Family has its 2 part finale with The Wedding Pts 1 & 2 from 6:30pm. We’ll have to see how things are affected from thereafter.

Meanwhile Hawaii Five-0 is back next week at 8:30pm Friday May 23rd (this Friday TEN replays 24).

However a week later it moves to 9:30pm a Blue Bloods returns. A bit hard for fans to keep up, but maybe there just aren’t enough of them?

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  1. Thanks for the update David, I was wondering what was going on with Hawaii Five-0 & Blue Bloods. I’ve been checking the guide all week for Friday night and it’s had TBA which is frustrating. Glad they will still be showing Blue Bloods. Monday’s a busy night now that GEM has brought back Major Crimes & Rizzolli & Iles. I just hope 9 don’t put on something I want to watch or I will be stuffed.

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