Curiosity Show hosts back together (with a little help from branding)

Nostalgic fans of The Curiosity Show, which aired on Channel Nine from 1972 – 1990 may be interested to see a new clip from hosts Deane Hutton and Rob Morrison.

The science buffs have posted “their first new episode since 1990” on YouTube, in a segment sponsored by Kelloggs. And yes, they’re still amazed at the trick of getting an egg to slip inside the neck of a bottle.

While this is really just another form of branded entertainment, no doubt it is a win / win for both (especially with the cereals dotted throughout the vision).

Maybe partnering with brands is the way of the future for those getting knocked back by TV execs?


  1. Talk about a time warp. It’s been 24 years but it’s like I heard that theme song only yesterday, and that creepy 3rd eye on Robs forehead.

    I didn’t realist that the show ran for 18 years though, pretty impressive. They should make more shows like this for kids.

  2. I actually watched the whole thing. Brought back a lot of memories – like Deane and Rob always saying “good question” and “I’m glad you asked!”, despite the fact I hadn’t asked any questions at all. And that theme tune is spooky as ever!

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