Foxtel Play joins PlayStation4

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.34.33 am.jpgFoxtel Play is now available on compatible PlayStation4 devices, following on from PlayStation3, via the Foxtel Play app.

Foxtel Play allows for a subscription to select channels without the need for a traditional home installation.

Foxtel Chief Operating Officer, Rohan Lund, said, “Foxtel Play on PS3 has already seen an enthusiastic response in the thirty days since launch and today PlayStation 4 joins its predecessor to bring Foxtel’s very best programming to an audience, hungry for great entertainment, at a great price.

“With today’s expansion of the Foxtel Play partnership to PlayStation 4 in Australia, we continue to deliver on our commitment of delivering the very best digital entertainment services that all the family can enjoy” added Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia.


  1. @DansDans

    Put simply, they charge extra because they can.

    When was the last time Murdoch & Co. did anyone a favour? Despite that, I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for this, it’s horridly overpriced for what it is (just as it was on the PS3), but somebody must want it. *shrug*

  2. Any reason why we cant use our existing Foxtel Go passwords on this service? It worked for one day on the PS3 until they shut it off, i dont understand why people with Fox subscriptions who want to use Foxtel on their PS3 and PS4’s need to pay extra for this low quality service on top of what we already have/pay for

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