Hot Seat’s 1000th episode

2013 HOTSEAT 102After a week of trailing the competition, Hot Seat will celebrate its 1000th episode on Monday June 2.

No surprises that Nine has taken the opportunity to take stock of its prize money and achievements.

“To be part of such an impressive milestone is a great privilege,” host Eddie McGuire said. “There have been so many interesting characters, inspirational stories and remarkable feats of intelligence on Hot Seat throughout these 1000 episodes, and no two days of filming are ever the same.”

Each episode of Hot Seat is filmed in real time, with a studio audience.

“We never stop the tape,” explains Executive Producer Steve Gilbert. “All the drama and excitement you see on the screen is exactly the same as when the questions are asked in real time. It’s the truthfulness and honesty that resonates with our viewers and makes Hot Seat such a successful show.

“As a team, we simply provide the framework of questions and contestants, then just hand it all over to Eddie to drive it home. And no one does it better than him.”

Since 2009, Hot Seat has been a regular week night feature on Australia’s television screens, making dreams come true and giving away a total of $24 million in prize money to 6000 contestants.

It has also regularly dominated the 5.30pm game show timeslot week after week, beating Seven’s Million Dollar Minute across the 5 City Metro a total of 109 times from 118 episodes, meaning Hot Seat has been the preferred program 92 percent of nights since the rival program launched in 2013.

Host Eddie McGuire has posed 15,000 questions to those lucky enough to gain a spot in the aptly named Hot Seat, and while none of the six people faced with the million-dollar question have answered it correctly, 16 contestants have each walked away with $250,000 in the past five years.

Will the milestone episode be even more memorable by finally unearthing the contestant that walks away with the million-dollar cash prize?

Monday, June 2, at 5.30pm and continues weeknights on Nine.


  1. “Each episode of Hot Seat is filmed in real time, with a studio audience.” Is it shown in real time though? Each episode manages to fit in exactly the time allocated.

  2. I’m not from Melbourne but passed the online test and got called into audition in Melbourne 4 years ago. Passed the test and did screen test. I’m white, male and older. I might get the million so I’ll never get on. Have you seen the dummies that get on. How do they find their way home. Does 9 have a million to give to a winner.

  3. Been waiting 2 years now after my audition to get on. The fact I don’t live in Melbourne is a major disadvantage. Would love to have a crack at it. 🙂

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