House Rules beats The Voice

Ratings: With no Blind Auditions on Nine the pendulum swings towards Seven's renovation reveal, and a win for Monday.

2014-05-27_0957And so it begins…

Numbers for The Voice have traditionally begun to dip once the Blind Auditions have ended. That’s been an opportunity for the competition to lift.

Last night 1.66m viewers tuned into House Rules‘ renovation reveal, outnumbering the 1.59m viewers watching The Voice battle round.

Sydney was the only city where Nine’s sing-off defeated Seven’s renovation contest.

Seven network won the night with a share of 33.9% then Nine 30.2%, ABC 17.0%, TEN 14.0% and SBS 4.9%.

Following House Rules for Seven were Seven News (1.29m / 1.21m), Home and Away (1.04m), Revenge (801,000) and Million Dollar Minute (645,000). Grey’s Anatomy was 314,000 and Talking Footy was 63,000 in 3 cities (88,000 on 7 mate).

Following The Voice for Nine were Nine News (1.25m / 1.15m), Big Bang (1.16m / 790,000), ACA (1.15m), and Hot Seat (710,000). Footy Classified was 261,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (886,000) led ABC1 then Australian Story (765,000), 7:30 (680,000), Media Watch (679,000), Four Corners (604,000) and Q & A (574,000).

MasterChef Australia (718,000) was best for TEN followed by The Project (700,000 / 464,000), TEN Eyewitness News (664,000), Modern Family (402,000), 24 (325,000) and Have You Been Paying Attention? (174,000).

The season final of Vikings was 230,000 for SBS ONE then Mythbusters (157,000), SBS World News (153,000) and RocKwiz (149,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels at 282,000.

Sunrise: 360,000
Today: 311,000
ABC News Breakfast: 77,000 / 49,000

Studio 10 appeared unaffected by the loss of Wake Up, at 51,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 26 May 2014

14 Responses

  1. Great result for House Rules. Here’s an option Ray Martin for Seven News in Sydney? He would be much better than Mark wooden Ferguson. It’s an option I would like to think.

  2. On the overnight numbers, Ten desperately need to do something differently from 8.30 on Mondays. The rest of the week is not too bad.

    24 will need to move to 9.30 and something – I don’t know what – will need to screen at 8.30. I can’t remember anything working for them on Mondays for the last couple of years.

  3. Seven are really losing a grip on Sydney. The Voice only crushed HR in Sydney, and Seven News still flounders. Seven need to find some way to reconnect there.

    Shame about HYPBA, I like it but few others seem too. I suppose coming off a low base at 8:30 doesn’t help, but those numbers are bad. I hope it’s a cheap show to produce at least for TEN.

  4. It was fantastic to see Ray Martin on The Project last night. He is a true gentleman and an absolute professional at what he does. It’s hard to believe he ever hosted ACA!

  5. David, how is HYBPA doing in it’s timeslot? I’m not sure what it’s up against, but is it holding it’s own or bringing up the rear? I really love the show, but am disappointed no-one seems to be watching it.

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