House Rules rises for Seven, but Nine in front.

Ratings: The gap closes as Seven's House Rules lifts and The Voice dips, but Nine still won Monday.

renowa.jpgSeven’s renovation reveal of a WA home on House Rules has lifted from its reveal episode a week ago.

Last night the show hit #2 at 1.29m viewers, up from 1.09m last week. The gap with The Voice closed as Nine’s show dipped to 1.66m viewers, but held the top spot.

Nine network won the night with a share of 32.7% then Seven 30.0%, ABC 17.3%, TEN 15.5% and SBS 4.6%.

The Voice was #1 with 1.66m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.26m / 1.19m), A Current Affair (1.07m), The Big Bang Theory (1.04m / 779,000), and Hot Seat (705,000). Footy Classified was 212,000 in 3 cities.

House Rules (1.29m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.24m / 1.13m), Home and Away (1.02m), Revenge (734,000), Million Dollar Minute (557,000) and Grey’s Anatomy (311,000 / 179,000). Talking Footy was 56,000 / 43,000 over two channels in three cities.

ABC News (838,000) still leads ABC1 followed by Australian Story (736,000), 7:30 (715,000), Media Watch (607,000), Four Corners (550,000) and Q & A (539,000).

MasterChef Australia (735,000) was best for TEN but down on last week’s launch. Next were The Project (692,000 / 465,000), TEN Eyewitness News (663,000). 24′s return (400,000 / 313,000) did not fulfill the hype despite an enjoyable execution.

On SBS ONE it was Vikings (206,000), Mythbusters (166,000), SBS World News (157,000) and RocKwiz (153,000).

Neighbours led multichannels at a strong 366,000.

Sunrise: 367,000
Today: 290,000
ABC News Breakfast: 71,000 / 51,000
Wake Up: 26,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 12 May 2014

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  1. Yeah agreed that it was a waste of a timeslot for Greys. I was sure they would do the Thursday Bones/Greys double that worked so well together last year but they decided to kill Bones this year too

  2. This series of HR has almost degraded the word ‘ Reality ‘ to myth status.
    Seems HR producers have strictly adhered to the MKR ‘ Drama Hymn Book’ and the contestant selection process of personalities/couples/attitudes/physical appearance etc., but have not adhered to the ethos of the ‘ Elimination ‘ process, otherwise the very first and immediate elimination should have been the so called ‘site manager Chester ‘, following the ‘gas leak incident’ because who else is responsible for the isolation/disconnection hazardous services such as ‘gas and electricity’ and to a lessor extent.’water’, it’s a shame the camera person who shot the close up of the gas tap did not act or get Chester to immediately turn ‘that’ gas tap off(that’s if there even was a leak?)

    HR= House Rules, but seems it may also = a ‘ Horses Rectum’

  3. I love 24 and great to have it back but i’m not watching 24 on Ten for the exact reasons John Jackson and Jake S said. Not fast tracked and I refuse to watch any network that doesn’t start shows on time. Which means the only shows I watch on tv anymore are the news and ABC shows.

    I do watch Survivor on GO! however because it airs hours after the US, and starts at 8.30 every week.

    Ten still just not understanding viewers despite us quite clearly telling them what they need to do to improve.

  4. Ten have established Wednesday as local drama night therefore Offspring should stay put. I just feel that something fresh and compelling on Thursdays might do better than the ancient tradition of double SVU. 24 is only 11 weeks long so they could easily bring back SVU later in the year rather than play repeats from July to October.

  5. 24 should have been slotted for 8.30pm Thursday. It’s a relatively uncompetitive night of the week (as MasterChef proved last week) and would have aired closer to its US premiere.

  6. If the networks were serious about getting shows post 8:30pm to rate, particularly the US/UK imports, they would agree to an American style system where shows start bang on the hour (or half hour in our case) on every channel nearly without fail.

    It seems instead, they’re all happy to try and ‘one up’ each other by dragging out the 7.30pm reality show for as long as possible, without regard to the show that follows it.

  7. Nuala doesn’t need to go to Syd she needs to leave the news desk permanently. Get a real news reader & weather presenter – Matt Doran & Reuben Mourad would be great. Then phase out James to make way for a new male host & you have a much better show already.

  8. I quite enjoy this season’s HR but does anybody find the interior designer (can’t remember her name) redundant in the show? She just runs around chatting with the contestants while they were renovating but to date, I haven’t seen any useful tips coming out of her mouth. I feel sorry for the Victorian team for last week’s challenge as they were accused of not complying with the house rules. If that was the case, why didn’t this interior designer bring this to the couple’s attention? I just find her a waste of time but she may well have contributed to some extent (maybe her parts were edited out)?

  9. Wow how Seven killed a show that used to easily do 800k for them: Grey’s Anatomy (311,000 / 179,000)

    As for TEN, NCIS should be on Wed hours after the US, and 24 on Tue hours after the US. Problem solved!

    I bet 24 will lead in timeshift figures when they are out next week.

  10. As I mentioned in the TV Lounge yesterday, 24 was doomed to fail in this timeslot despite the quality of the show and the ratings have shown this. I see David has suggested a change to Tuesday at 9.30 to bridge the gap of the delay from the US, which makes sense but the scheduling will always be the stopper. Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone, if 24 is going to be 12 x 2 hr eps, why can’t it work on a Thu night at 8.30, done by 10.30 and only 2 days after the US

  11. @TasTVcameraman – Which is why I like amazon.uk, eBay, etc. Just saying.
    I would think only a fraction of one percent of ‘normal’ TV viewers would be beside themselves in grief because 24 is six days behind the US, and would go to the trouble of watching it by other means, however, it’s not that TEN couldn’t show it on Tues or Wed. But then, this is TEN. DVDs of S1+ are avail. at our local library FOC.

  12. 24 was great, I did not see the original series, but I enjoyed last nights shows.

    I sometimes wonder if people are too impatient to wait a week to see a show !

    One the other hand a couple of years for Nine to show “Pan Am” is very poor. It is my understanding that it can not be released on DVD until after the Free To Air network has screened it, I could be wrong. Perhaps someone can enllghten me

  13. Wake Up decreasing, but they haven’t changed anything to try and build the audience. David, a while ago you had an article about Wake Up and mentioned Nuala would be moving to the set, and they would add a weather presenter. Do we know when this will happen? I’d suggest perhaps they’re overhauling the whole show (set, location) before this happens . . . .

  14. 7, 9 and 10 get it completely and utterly wrong when it comes to programming overseas content. The errors in scheduling for so many different overseas shows are so numerous to bother keeping count. It is not worth taking the time to comment on each individual case anymore.

  15. Wake Up is struggling, but I think Ten should look to revamp it rather than get rid of it altogether.

    It is still very awkward in that studio. When is the new weather presenter joining the program? And is Nuala still moving up to Manly?

    Once you get a few more personalities on board, the show has a chance. At the moment it just feels bland.

  16. I think this Voice vs HR vs MCA ratings battle will be one of the most interesting of the year. It’s already changing on almost a daily basis. Will HR ever overtake the Voice? Will MCA continue to beat HR in the biggest markets of Sydney and Melbourne? Will MCA lift the Project etc.

    3 very different reality shows all going up against each other.

    I watched the judging of House Rules for the first time last night – the judges seemed very harsh compared with the Block and their comments didnt match their scores – one team ‘did very little wrong this week’ yet still got 7/10?

  17. Masterchef struggling after one week. Ten still in 4th spot. By all accounts, MCA is better than last year’s effort.However, it seems that Ten can’t turn the ship around.

  18. I watched 24 last night and thought it was great to see it back, but I wonder if the fact that we’re waiting almost a week after the US views it is meaning less viewers on the TV here (due to them downloading it from the US somewhere).

    It’s a bummer that 10 isn’t currently screening it closer to when it airs in the US. I wonder if they’ll be able to move it somewhere closer, or if this is the way the rest of the series will play out.

  19. With those numbers Wake Up looks like it’s about to be put to bed. I’ve flicked over a few times recently. It’s painful to watch, it really is. Studio 10 on the other hand is great.

  20. Ten should seriously consider fast tracking 24 on One on Tuesdays. I expect to see an announcement on this site this afternoon 🙂

    It was an excellent episode, and Im definitely hanging out for more.

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