Logies 2014: Random Acts of Carpetness Pt 2

Loads more quotes from Julia Morris, Asher Keddie, Adam Hills, Essie Davis & more.

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In the second and final part of TV Tonight‘s Red Carpet wrap there are more questions and hints about upcoming plots and projects!

Logies 2014: Random Acts of Carpetness P 1

DANIELLE CORMACK, CELIA IRELAND and SHAREENA CLANTON on  the arrival of ‘Joan Ferguson’ to Wentworth:

“She’s certainly brought a lower temperature to the room.

“A quiet intensity.”

What’s coming up in Season 2?

“Bea and Doreen have a love affair!” Cormack jokes.

“And there could be a love child!”

“It’s a really high intensity drama, especially by the end of season two.

“If (fans are) hooked now they will be hooked even more.

“They’ve sold the format to Holland, and sold the show to Ireland, Africa, Scandinavia and the UK.”

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ADAM HILLS on The Last Leg and getting recognised by Londoners:

“Channel Four want to sign me up until the end of 2015 now, they’ve got me hosting Celebrity 15 to 1.

“Cab drivers in particular (are recognising me). But what’s really weird is I’ll go down to the shops for a coffee and sit having my breakfast. Then when I get home there are tweets going ‘OMG I just saw Adam in the street.’”

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BRIAN NANKERVIS on upcoming RocKwiz episodes:

“There’s some real crackers. There’s a Billy Bragg one, Courtney Barnett, 2 from Byron (this year) -not just 1.

“There’s a behind the scenes episode of the Bluesfest for their 25th year.”

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“The scripts are amazing,” said Richard Davies.

“And the guests are better than the core cast!” laughed Jane Harber.

“I’m loving seeing Nina in a different light, that’s what I’ve found,” added Alicia Gardiner. “After such a traumatic end of Season Four to see her come through.”

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ESSIE DAVIS on whether the Logie nomination has aided a renewal for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and her next project:

“Fiona, Deb and the ABC are in discussions about a third season.

“I have a major feature film, The Babadook, opening in Australia on the 22nd May.

“It’s a psychological horror film that I’m very proud of and I hope Australians will get out there and support the Australian film industry in the same way that they support television.”

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MATT LE NEVEZ on whether Parer’s War should was best served scheduled against the Logies:

“Hopefully people will tune in and watch it. It’s hard to know.

“The ABC know a lot more about scheduling that I do. I know they wanted it around ANZAC Day and Sunday night is always a big night.

“ABC also have iview so if they miss it tonight there’s an opportunity to catch it during the week.”

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KAT STEWART on the outlook for Offspring‘s Billie Proudman and TEN’s Drama record:

“We come back 6 months later and the good thing is for Billie that she’s a lot more focussed, and dug herself out of a hole because she’s got a little girl to help raise.

“She’s got a job to do and she’s in a much better place.

“TEN have a lot to be proud in terms of Drama, with Secrets and Lies and Puberty Blues. They’re a terrific network.”

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PAULA ABDUL on her first Logies event:

“It’s as glitzy and glamorous as the big awards shows in the States. It reminds me of going to the Kodak Theatre, but everyone tells me it’s different when you get inside.”

Is she ready for the Aussie knack for knocking the Logies?

“It seems like it’s kind of tradition to make it like that? But that’s fun.

“That’s the difference to the States. They’re very serious.”

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ASHER KEDDIE on not having to go home after the Logies this year, spared another early morning filming schedule:

“I don’t have to go home so I can stay and have a drink and see friends and not rush off. I always think ‘Do people know I’m going to work or do they just think I’m boring and anti-social?’

‘It’s nice to not have to tomorrow morning.’

Her next project is Party Tricks.

“We started rehearsals last week and we’re a week away from announcing an amazing cast. Very excited!

“No hints, no way!”

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JULIA MORRIS on wearing a ring for gay marriage.

“I love talking about my ring! I bought my dress so that the one thing I’d get to talk about on the red carpet is the fact that I’m wearing a ring that symbolises marriage equality and I support it, and it can’t be spoken about enough, until it happens.

“I think that everyone should get married and live the nightmare that all married people live!”

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LIVINIA NIXON on being back at work on Nine News after her maternity leave:

“I’m loving it. I love being part of that work team again and enjoying he people that I work with. It’s great fun.”

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MATTHEW TESTRO, JOEL LOK and DOUGIE BALDWIN on what to expect in season two of Nowhere Boys:

“It’s about the demons following us into the other worlds.

“More deep, dark magic.

“We’re back in reality but there are things pulling us back, so we’ll see how that turns out.”

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VIRGINIA GAY on performing cabaret as well as juggling TV commitments:

“Ordinarily I do a cabaret show every year, but this year I have committed to too much work. So this is the first year in a while I haven’t done a cabaret show.

“I love back rooms and a cabaret chair. Some Kurt Weill and Kylie with a piano accordion.”

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JESSICA MARAIS on ABC’s upcoming Carlotta telemovie and era similarities to Love Child:

“I’m glad it’s not on at the same time (as Love Child). To ask the audience to suspend their disbelief to watch you in two things at once I think is a bit much.

“They’re completely different characters.”

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And that’s a Logies wrap for another year!

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