Michael wins So You Think You Can Dance Australia

He blew viewers away with a stunning routine, now 18yo Michael Dameski has won TEN's Dance contest.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 12.10.40 am.jpg18 year old contemporary dancer Michael Dameski has won So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

He defeated Lauren Seymour for the championship title while Renelle Jones and Jay Johns were equal runners-up.

Dameski, from New South Wales, wins a cash prize of $100,000 and the choice of one of three dance career opportunities including an international season of Burn The Floor choreographed by judge Jason Gilkison.

Dameski, who appeared as a child performer in Billy Elliot The Musical, undoubtedly secured votes with his breathtaking routine last week which lit up social media.

Co-creator Nigel Lythgoe tweeted: “One of the best #DanceForYourLife performances I have ever seen on #SYTYCDAU, or anywhere for that matter!”.

“This experience has changed my life. I never expected to make it this far, let alone become Australia’s Favourite Dancer,” Dameski said. “I have learnt and grown so much as a performer throughout this journey. The gift of this show, is that it allows you to be recognised for what you have devoted your life to.”

Paula Abdul added: “I knew Michael would win. He’s fearless and ferocious. His commitment to excellence was evident throughout the competition. His performances were like a spotlight at a Hollywood premiere, drawing our attention like a pack of paparazzi.”

TEN’s Grand Final, which included the Live winner announcement, featured Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Tap Dogs and former contestants.

The level of talent by the young dancers belied the ratings the show has attracted for TEN, and its future is not readily apparent.

Regardless, its mission to uncover a star is hard to deny.

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  1. He clearly won it last week, though to be fair none of the others gave a performance in the final worthy of stealing the title. Could have done with a two part finale really so those last dances actually counted for something.

  2. No doubt the dancing throughout the season was wonderful. In my opinion Carrie Bickmore was woeful. Jason and Paula were ok judges. Shannon was very quiet and boring. Aaron was loud over the top and annoying. I hope they bring the show back with a few tweaks to make it better. Dancers like Michael need to be seen and appreciated.

  3. Damn I knew I should have avoided tvtonight this morning, I am watching the repeat this afternoon so didn’t know who won until I came here.

    I am sure the show was once again an excellent technical production and I am sure the dancing was once again superb.

    Will they renew it? It was a costly production that rated dreadfully because of poor scheduling by some hotshot executive.

    I’d like to see it return next year – but I think Ten will be sold off to Rupert and we’ll be getting more Andrew Bolt and Steve Price instead.

  4. Great production, excellent very worthy finale. Brilliant routines. Superb in ever way! Well done SYTYCD!!!

    But my God – Paula Abdul’s dress!!

  5. A deserving winner. An excellent series in all respects – well done everyone associated with it. Now for the real test TEN! They have yet another very good product that didn’t rate. Will they, true to form, just axe it or, this time, show some faith in the product and tweek it, heavily promote it, timeslot it carefully and actually build it up to achieve better ratings. Australians sometimes need more that one look at something before they buy. Not all of Australia’s current behemoths started strongly.

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