Old School: May 30

2014-05-29_0225Loving Old School on the ABC, with great chemistry between Bryan Brown and Sam Neill (evident in the very first scene this week).

Tomorrow night Damian Walshe-Howling joins the cast as a shady character with an eye for Shannon (Hanna Mangan Lawrence).

Ted (Sam Neill) and Lennie (Bryan Brown) tail corrupt cop Rick Duncan (Aaron Jeffrey) but Lennie smashes into the back of Rick’s SUV. Rick threatens Lennie with a parole breach, and tells Ted he has to pay the cost of repairs.

With a promise of an introduction to his granddaughter Shannon (Hanna Mangan Lawrence), Lennie persuades Jason (Mark Coles Smith), a mechanic at Kronos Smash Repairs, to repair Rick’s car for nothing. He’s then off to meet his formidable parole officer Rhonda (Sacha Horler).

But Kronos Smash Repairs is a front for a car ‘re-birthing’ operation run by the notorious Vince Pelagatti (Damian Walshe-Howling), and Rick’s car is mistakenly sent off. Ted and Lennie track it down to a warehouse, but are forced to hide out in an industrial bin that’s then filled and taken away.

8:30pm Friday ABC1.


  1. It won’t get gutsy and intense bearfax. Clearly the programmer wanted very harmless fare to fit into the Friday 8.30 night slot. I suspect the director Gregor Jordan wanted something tougher. It doesn’t really measure against New Tricks which is better conceived and better written. The ABC is really going to miss the best of the BBC stuff pretty soon.

  2. Carringbush

    Wasn’t overly taken by this show for similar reason outlined below. You only have to look at New Tricks to see how comedy and drama should be played.

  3. I must say I was somewhat underwhelmed by the first episode of Old School. I’m a great fan of the two principal actors, but for me their performances seemed somewhat stilted as if they were waiting for each other to say their lines. The two cops lacked impact. It started well with the robbery but then lost its intensity. Sam Niell’s wife in the show was the stand out.

    I hope its gets more gutsy and intense. And I’m expecting Neill and Brown to show me much more of their acting talent in the coming eps.

    Not bad, but can be a lot better. So far not a patch on Ms Fisher of Dr Blake, two brilliant recent Oz efforts

  4. Yes indeed they have great chemistry but I also think Sam Neill has great chemistry with the actress who plays his wife Sarah Peirse. The scene from last week where they staged a massive argument so the detectives left was hilarious.

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