Renewed: Last Man Standing. Axed: The Crazy Ones.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.16.50 am.jpgDisappointing to hear that The Crazy Ones has been axed by CBS. While I have only seen a few episodes here and there I thought it had enough going for it to gamble on a second season.

Creator David E. Kelley pitched a second season, which he would’ve overseen, and CBS had reportedly been intrigued by the idea of keeping Robin Williams on the air. But, after a very soft first season following a big premiere, Deadline reports a renewal was considered a long shot.

There’s better news for the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing, back for a fourth season and heading closer to the 100 episode count required for syndication.

Meanwhile The Michael J. Fox Show is also officially over.

All three shows premiere in Australia on Foxtel.


  1. I’m extremely fussy when it comes to comedy shows so i hardly watch any.But these 2 shows grabbed me.Love watching Last Man Standing great to see Tim on TV again.Surprised by The Crazy Ones being axed,considering what else is on offer on TV.But if it does not have a suitable time slot as it’s been suggested this one appeared doomed any way

  2. Such a shame TCO was axed, I was sure it would be back, I guess the writing was on the wall for TMJFS with NBC failing to bring it back after the Olympic break, but at least we got to see the unaired eps on Foxtel, love the Brooke Shields stuff in the later eps.

    Nice that Last Man Standing will be back, now if only they can lay off the Obama jokes, we get it Mike’s a Republican who loves his guns.

  3. I can’t believe The Crazy Ones isn’t more popular. To me it’s the funniest show I’ve seen since Modern Family. Williams and Gellar looked right in their element and Gellar really seemed to blossom with every new episode. I was very much looking forward to season 2. I just assumed it was good enough to get many more seasons to come, so I’m quite shocked at the news.

  4. I am dissapointed about The Crazy One’s I really have enjoyed it all the actor’s involved were great and I would have thought giving it a chance at a second season would be worth it.
    I also enjoyed The Michael J Fox show and like most shows after the initial 3-5 eps was starting to find its feet. Seems like some networks don’t want to give shows time to build an audience, Seinfeld took a while to get an audience and I think also TBBT started a bit soft before having the audience it does now.

    @Loz agree with your comments about Last Man Standing and could do with a lot less of the political aspects of the writing.

  5. ‘Starting in October on fox8, express from the US, an all new series of the test pattern, followed by an all new test pattern,Las Vegas’ . Poor Fox8 has lost so many shows the last few days. Time to go on a buying spree and get some good New shows.

  6. I’m going to miss The Crazy ones, such a great show. Wish it had a second season. Last man standing is good but am over the political aspect of the show, if they scratched that out then it would be better.

  7. The Crazy One’s being axed was shame, but inevitable after CBS renewed all their other sitcoms and announced a 5 week block of Thursday Night Football next season.

    The second half of its run, where they stopped basing episodes just around William’s ad-libs, had the best written and acted episodes of any of the new sitcoms. But it was on in late slot where it didn’t benefit from TBBT’s lead-in in, was an external production that didn’t have Lorre’s tight association with CBS and of course did follow The Voice either.

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