Returning: Grey’s Anatomy, Mr. Selfridge.

Two audience favourites are returning to Seven next week and Parenthood has its season finale.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.24.06 pm.jpgTwo audience favourites are returning to Seven next week: Grey’s Anatomy and Mr Selfridge.

Mr. Selfridge is back for its second season at 9:40pm following the return of A Place to Call Home.

It’s the five year anniversary of the store’s opening, faces old and new make an appearance and though business is booming for Harry Selfridge, his personal life looks much less smooth-sailing.

It aired in the UK in January.

Long-awaited Grey’s Anatomy is back on Monday nights from 10:15pm. It kicks off with a double episode.

“Man On The Moon / Get Up, Stand Up”
April’s sisters arrive for the wedding, while Matt and Jackson are forced to work together. Callie and Arizona work on their marriage and a familiar face returns to the hospital. Then, on April’s wedding day, all the doctors seem preoccupied.

These episodes aired in the US in December.

Meanwhile Parenthood has its season finale next week with a double ep at 9:45pm Tuesday.

“I’m Still Here / The Pontiac”
Crosby finds himself in a tough housing situation and reaches out to Joel for help. Julia musters up the courage to talk with Sarah about her situation. Kristina and Amber receive bad news. Meanwhile, Adam and Crosby reminisce over childhood memories.

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  1. Never in a rush to watch Greys so just record it and watch it down the track when the TV landscape is bleak. Really looking for to Mr Selfridge though – it really grew on me last year.

  2. Wow the burn off of Greys again! They did this last May! It must have been a huge ratings success?? Absolutely not!
    Here’s a suggestion: wait until Feb 2015 and show the season every week consecutively!
    The ‘fast tracking’ of 10 episodes is pointless if you the show more 6 months later!
    Employ someone who knows how to schedule TV shows!

  3. Great news, finally it’s back. I hope Meredith & Christina make up soon, don’t like them fighting.

    I notice Suits isn’t on next week. Has it been dumped again, or is it just a one off next week? Typical 7, bring it back for a couple of eps, then take it off.

  4. After 5 long months of waiting, seven is showing episodes that have been available on iTunes since December. 🙁 Have to wait another week now! But at least it is back on the TV Guide.

  5. So let me guess, they are going to burn of Greys again by the looks and Bones will return just as the new series begins in the US………I dislike the stop start. Is it so hard to play a show all the way to the end?

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