Returning: New Girl. Airdate: The Goodwin Games

1905056.jpgNew Girl is coming back to ELEVEN for its third season, from 8:30pm Tuesday 20th May.

It will be followed at 9:00pm by US comedy  The Goodwin Games created and written by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (How I Met Your Mother) and Chris Harris.

Wikipedia notes: “It revolves around a trio of estranged siblings: Henry, an overachieving surgeon with an overabundant ego; Chloe, a former child mathematical prodigy who became popular in high school and abandoned academia (and her friends) for a career as a struggling actress; and Jimmy, a career petty criminal with a string of convictions who has to sneak into his pre-teen daughter’s bedroom at night to visit her.”

There were just 7 episodes of this one on FOX.


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