Returning: Royal Pains

US dramedy Royal Pains returns to Seven early next month for its fifth season.

2014-05-28_0013US dramedy Royal Pains, featuring Mark Feuerstein, returns to Seven early next month for its fifth season.

Ben Shenkman (Dr. Jeremiah Sacani) was added as a series regular, while Frances Conroy guests stars and Henry Winkler reprises his role.

These episodes aired in the US a year ago.

Summer is heating up just at Hank returns to work, following an intense six-month recovery from an emergency craniotomy. Just in time too, as HankMed is much busier than usual due to the shutting down of the Hamptons Heritage ER. Divya, no longer with Rafa, and consumed with new patients, has to hire several new doctors just to keep up. Evan is worried that the workload is too much for his brother to handle. He institutes ‘HankWatch’ to ensure that Hank doesn’t go overboard, in his first day back working full time.

11:35pm Sunday June 8th on Seven.

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  1. Surprising, given it took them 4 attempts to finish Season 4, but welcome news. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take them 7 months to screen something that ought to take 4 months.

  2. I gave up on Seven after they bumped it from 7TWO and waited forever to bring it back only in late night on the main channel. I am however, like Pertinax, waiting on Covert Affairs.

  3. Given the way Royal Pains started at midnight in summer, has screened at lunch time and it took them forever to finish S4, this is surprising.

    Covert Affairs is now equally far behind and it used to be Seven’s top rating Universal Network show, screening in primetime on Wednesdays.

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