Ricky Martin serves up bumper ratings for Nine

Ratings: A Ricky Martin combo on The Voice & 60 Minutes delivers the night to Nine.

TVO3_EP_BLINDS.jpgRicky Martin handed Nine the ratings on a silver platter last night with The Voice and 60 Minutes miles in front of the competition.

The Voice was #1 with 1.97m viewers while 60 Minutes, which featured a Ricky Martin interview, pulled out 1.73m viewers despite it being little more than a cross-promo for the show that had just ended.

Nine network won the night convincingly with a share of 36.3% then Seven 26.5%, TEN 16.2%, ABC 16.1% and SBS 5.0%.

Next for Nine were Nine News (1.5m), The Mentalist (733,000) and Person of Interest was 320,000.

Seven News (1.34m) led Seven then House Rules (1.28m), Sunday Night (926,000), and A Place to Call Home (851,000). But Mr Selfridge bombed at 291,000 and will struggle to remain in the timeslot on those numbers.

MasterChef Australia put in a good performance for TEN at 924,000 viewers. Modern Family was 514,000 then TEN Eyewitness News (485,000), Elementary (475,000), Bondi Rescue (327,000). The Millers struggled on 297,000.

ABC News (826,000) led for ABC1 then Inspector George Gently (791,000), Restoration Home (590,000) and Compass (488,000).

Sacred Wonders of Britain (330,000) was best for SBS ONE followed by SBS World News (217,000), Derren Brown (159,000) and Magic Mushrooms (107,000).

ABC2’s Octonauts topped multichannels at 281,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 18 May 2014

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  1. To say the Ricky Martin interview was little more than a cross promo for the show is a little harsh. I found the interview very interesting. I thought Ricky was a bit of a has been but I learnt that he is still massive in South America. He also appeared on the Billboard music awards the other day. The voice was hardly mentioned in the interview and I think it was valid to air it. Still love your blog though.

    1. Sure, but why no questions on his split and raising 2 kids as a single dad? Dovetailing straight out of The Voice? Not so sure. I don’t think it needed to mention the show to still serve as a cross promo, but you have backed up your opinion, so no problem disagreeing!

  2. The Voice has to be the best music show in Australia, really enjoying it along with the great judges and Kylie is fantastic the ratings speak for themselves and the Ricky Martin thing on 60mins was also really good goes to show how much of a humble person. Loving the Voice!

  3. Was there a double episode of Mr Selfridge…only episode 2 available on catchup…can anyone confirm this…
    Also ..just checked…Seven is chockablock…really only Friday or Saturday to move it to…or 7TWO…

  4. Agree with you that Mr Selfridge was disappointing numbers but if both episodes were not coded separately and this numbers represented those that sat up to almost midnight then it was ok. Should have each episode coded separately as I am sure the first ep would have more viewers.

    The Millers will be dropped on those numbers.

  5. I would have watched Mr Selfridge if it was a single episode, but a double episode, so late, has ended me watching the series. I don’t have the time to play catch up.

  6. I watched Sacred Wonders of Britain on SBS1 and Inspector George Gently on ABC1 last night, and enjoyed both. I guess I must be considered an outlier in the statistics figures of the TV ratings agency.

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