Sam Newman slammed for “homophobic” comments

Sam Newman is booed by the audience and branded as homophobic after comments that a gay kiss was "gratuitous."

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.51.40 am.jpgSam Newman has lived up to his “fossil” nickname for all the wrong reasons today after remarks following a smooch between an American footballer and his boyfriend on US television.

Audience members and Footy Show co-hosts disagreed with Newman when he said the kiss between NFL player Michael Sam and his partner were an “annoyingly gratuitous act.” Michael Sam had just been drafted into the NFL with cameras on hand for a celebratory smooch by his partner.

“No heterosexuals do that when they’re drafted,” Newman asserted.

“Yes they do,” said Garry Lyon as audience members began booing.

“They do it all the time,” Brayshaw added.

“You always see shots of players drafted, whether it be basketball or footy, with their girlfriends, parters, wives,” said Lyon. “Of course they embrace and kiss.

“You are wrong on this.”

“An opinion can’t be wrong” Newman defended.

“It’s a very natural act for them to do,” said Brayshaw.

“You are being homophobic,” said Lyon.

“You are off the pace,” Brayshaw added, “that is a natural thing for them to do” with the audience applauding.

Social media has also lit up as a result of the remarks.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.49.22 am.jpgThe comments come at a time when the AFL has been tackling homophobia in sport with anti-homophobia ads at stadiums.

Newman has a string of controversies to his name, some involving racial and mysognistic comments, leading to breaches by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and training.

In 2010 Nine made a pledge to ACMA to pay $200,000 to charity in the event of any future breach by Newman.

Nine declined to comment today, indicating that the matter had been dealt with on the show.

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  1. David I watched the show. Just because Garry said that his comments were homophobic, doesn’t mean that it makes him a homophobic person. All Garry is saying is that they could be perceived that way. He didn’t call his a homophobe. I am also a cynic and believe it’s a publicity stunt as mentioned by Glennc. We’ll stated jezzamay, That is exactly how I observed it as we’ll. David when I read your post I took it is that you were stating that sam is homophobic. I obviously misunderstood your opinion. Whilst this may be the case, only Sam himself will know that. His comments on the footy show on there own are not enough to hold this view. Anyways that’s my final say on this matter.

  2. After viewing the footage, I have to say that I don’t think Sam’s comments are offensive at all. It was not the fact that the footballer embraced his partner that was gratuitous, but that he sprayed cream and proceeded to eat/lick it off. I mean seriously – that is something that is best done off screen, and no, I do not want to see a heterosexual couple do that on camera either. Save that type of ‘kiss’ for date night!
    Also, people need to accept that we simply cannot attach the word ‘phobic’ to anyone who doesn’t share our view or opinion. We do not call those who dismiss climate change as climaphobic, and we do not call those who choose not to have children as ‘childaphobic’. Phobia is a very strong word, which denotes physical states of debilitating anxiety and certainly does not apply to to situations where there are differences of opinion. Right or wrong – opinions and…

  3. @David its Garry Lyon, not Lyons.
    Surely we all know by now that John ‘Sam’ Newman is portraying a character loosely based on himself on TFS? I honestly think they believe any publicity (good or bad) is free publicity that ultimately bumps their figures up. Maybe I’m just a cynic?

  4. BigCon84: Garry Lyons did not say Newman was a homophobe, he said the comments were homophobic, which is what I have reported here and is reported elsewhere. Audio is on YouTube if you wish to check for accuracy, thanks.

  5. David I agree with Garry and James opinion as I have expressed in my reply. Neither one of them called Sam homophonic, nor did either of them imply he was homophobic. I don’t know how you got that impression. Did you see what happened first hand on the footy show?

  6. Thanks to Secret Squirrel for our Word of the Day.

    1. marriage or cohabitation between two people of different races, especially, in the U.S., between a black and a white person.
    2. interbreeding between members of different races.
    3. the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding.

  7. I was listening to Sam’s comments last night. I admit they were out of touch with modern society. I believe that In Sam’s eyes straight couples don’t kiss in front of the camera so why should a gay couple. Which I interpreted as Sam implying that the footballer did that as a publicity stunt. This opinion is correct back in Sams playing days, however as suggested by panel members, time have changed and cameras are on the draftees for 2 hours. I don’t believe Sam is homophobic, he has proven that over the years that he is not through his involvement In the community. I don’t condone or agree with Sams opinion. I completely disagree with his opinion. Does this make him homophobic. Absolutely not. For people to make that ascertain is drawing a long bow.

  8. If you don’t want to be offended about anything it’s best you don’t watch TFS.Surely by now people know Newman’s trap is going to say something stupid,especially with this gay draftee being big news.

  9. Haven’t seen the segment as its 11.30am and the footy show hasn’t been posted to channel nines catch up site yet. That’s 12 hours and counting since aired. It’s not a segment I’m interested in watching either. The footy show is not as good or as popular as it once was. The only segment I watch these days is Damien Barrett’s news segment which I would’ve seen by now if channel nine bothered to update their catch up site.

  10. First step in getting an ACMA breach is complaining to 9 freetv.com.au/Content_Common/OnlineComplaintStep1.aspx

    If they don’t reply with a satisfactory answer you then go to ACMA.

  11. I don’t think he will ever go, he generates too much publicity. And I would imagine some people watch it just for him.
    The commentary around this innocuous, less than one second, kiss has been amazing.

  12. Channel 9 are a disgrace. Just over a week ago they had headline news stories about an under 20’s Rugby League player making homophobic comments yet when of their own does the same thing they sweep it under the carpet and ignore it.

  13. So was that a politician’s promise that Nine made committing to a payment to charity, or are they a network we can actually trust to keep their word? And for mine, Sam Newman has vilified minority groups a few too many times and needs to go. Not that Nine will have the integrity to demand this.

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