Screen Producers reject “devastating” proposal to cut Screen Australia funds

INXS_2013_08_02_9863.pngScreen Producers Australia have rejected the Commission of Audit report, which recommended it merge with other Arts bodies, which would result in a 50% funding cut.

“I am alarmed at the proposal of such drastic measures which would upset what is a critical balance of support in the industry,” SPA Executive Director Matthew Deaner said in a statement today.

“We cannot underestimate the importance of Screen Australia to the health of the screen industry. Last year 84 of the top 100 rating television programs were Australian and our feature films such as The Great Gatsby and The Railway Man were big box office hits.

“Without Screen Australia’s programs of support, many of the companies who make these fantastic Australian films and television programs could disappear.

“This would be disastrous for the Australian film and television industry and devastating to Australian audiences, who rightly expect and love to see Australian stories and voices on their screens. It would mean the loss of thousands of highly skilled jobs in an industry renowned for innovation and which makes a substantial contribution of about $3 billion annually to the Australian economy.

“These proposals are clinical and driven by a single economic motive but the effect would undermine public and industry expectations as well as damage business confidence. They are clearly in conflict with current policy discussions and we expect the Government to take a more level headed approach in the upcoming budget.”

The government is yet to clarify which proposals it will enact.


  1. The Railway Man and so on. Those Australian movies are somewhat plotless and therefore fall flat as a flounder. Our films are slow and in exciting. We need better writers (proper writers!) and more exhilarating directors. This special Australian thing, “the Australian style”, is has never been working. Look at the film Australia, what an embarrassment!

    It’s time to support the talented ones or send our amateurish storytellers overseas for some real training.

  2. So 84 out of 100 of the top rating TV programmes were Australian but what does that have to do with Screen Australia?

    Most of them are unscripted and many of them will be the Seven and Nine news.

    Why don’t they tell us how Screen Australia productions did and how much they cost?

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