Seven skips Intelligence episodes

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.22.01 am.jpgNew US series Intelligence is already getting some curious treatment from Seven.

After the Pilot episode aired last week, Seven skipped forward to Episode 6, “Patient Zero” on Tuesday night.

It’s unclear if the move was to try to put its best foot ¬†forward to deter the frequent trend of sudden drops by high-concept dramas.

Next week it’s back to sequential Episodes 2 & 3 “Red X / Mei Chen Returns” with a double episode on a new night, Thursday.

All 13 episodes of the Josh Holloway action series have aired in the US while the show awaits news of its future.


  1. Seven is showing the episodes in the order supplied to it, which hopefully is the one which makes the most sense (relative term for Intelligence).

    As sycboy says The episode order got scrambled in the US, either to put on stronger episodes on first or because there were delays on the production of some episodes.

    Interesting that Seven is showing a CBS show. Was it distributed by ABC Studios or did Ten pass on it?

  2. “CBS completely butchered the air order for this show, which of course really hurt some of the plot threads and character development. If you have not started watching the series, or are just curious what the correct order is, here you go”:

    01 S01E01
    02 S01E06
    03 S01E02
    04 S01E04
    05 S01E10
    06 S01E03
    07 S01E08
    08 S01E11
    09 S01E05
    10 S01E09
    11 S01E07
    12 S01E12
    13 S01E13

    Read this on a forum site about intelligence.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @Nate – as soon as I read your first sentence I thought of Firefly. And then I was angry at Fox again.

    Seven can’t be playing the best eps of Intelligence first because there aren’t any.

  4. oceanographer

    This show reminds me a lot of the failed show the Bionic Woman. A lot of people were thought this maybe a ‘Sawyer PI’ type show but its fallen well below their expectations.

  5. I’ll back 7 here David. For whatever reason, US network execs (and this is a particular Fox habit) often air mid-season shows out of order particularly directly out of the pilot. The belief I think is because most mid-season shows flop they’ll shuffle the episode order to air the strongest episodes first-up to give it the best chance to succeed, continuity be damned. The worst example being Firefly’s actual pilot not airing until Episode 11.

    Patient Zero is the 2nd episode in production order, though I can’t explain why they’re airing Mei Chen (#6 in PO) 4th. 7 did this with the first season of Happy Endings and are currently doing it with Homicide: Life on the Street – airing it how it was intended to be aired.

  6. They are playing them in production order. It was America that mucked around with the episodes. Seven are attempting to play them in the correct order

  7. Consensus in the US is that it will be cancelled so 7 isn’t bothered about screwing it around, especially with only 13 episodes.

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