TEN cooks up new daytime schedule

2014-05-22_1302With the axing of TEN’s news programmes and Wake Up the schedule from Monday, not too dissimilar to the kind of scheduling we would normally associate with a multichannel.

Will TEN maintain its lead in daytime viewers with so many repeats?

6:00am Ready Steady Cook rpt
7:00am Entertainment Tonight
7:30am The Bold and the Beautiful rpt
8:00am Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals rpt
8:30am Studio 10
11:00am MasterChef Australia rpt
12:30pm Dr Phil
1:30pm Come Date With Me rpt
2:30pm Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals rpt
3:00pm Judge Judy
3:30pm Entertainment Tonight rpt
4:00pm Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield
4:30pm The Bold and the Beautiful
5:00pm TEN Eyewitness News

At this rate it may as well rebrand as a cooking channel.


  1. Perhaps all of us posting here wouldn’t like to sit down and watch Ten’s daytime schedule from start to finish every day, but that’s not what they’re expecting people to do.

    Generally speaking, Australians are either working or at school during most of this period. Relatively few people are in a position to watch daytime TV, and few of those are of much interest to advertisers. It’s a small market.

    For a long time, TV channels didn’t broadcast during the day. It wasn’t worth their while.

    Ten are going with a cheap schedule. Good on them! Between Ten, 11 and One, they can probably satisfy just about anyone aged over 18 during the day, and not spend much to do so 🙂

  2. Can Channel Ten’s license be cancelled, and then it could become 24 hour movie and quality TV series re run channel, would rate a lot better

  3. We may as well just have ABC, Seven, Nine and SBS. Ten.. you need to go, or get way way better. That is shocking. I’m super worried about my shows on ten – Offspring, The good wife and puberty blues plus occassionaly the living room. Pretty sure the Jamie repeats have been done to death.

  4. Such a watchable program schedule. Is this all that they have?
    @andy pandy – Nine doesn’t own Days of Our Lives. Sony has it. Nine didn’t renew/

  5. Dear Lord will anyone be watching 10…. I feel they should re hash some older soapies… The Restless Years, Holiday Island….. They tried everything else no harm in dragging oldies but goodies out….

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