Timeshifted boost for The Killing Field

Seven's telemovie picks up another 239,000 viewers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.55.37 am.jpgDramas continue to drive Consolidated ratings as we catch up with shows up to 7 days after they gave aired.

Seven’s The Killing Field picked up a swag of viewers last week after its initial premiere.

While it rated 1.16m viewers in Overnight numbers, another 239,000 took the time to watch it on their own terms. The Voice premiere, by comparison, increased another 72,000.

The record for a local drama series in Consolidated numbers is Love Child‘s 295,000 while miniseries INXS: Never Tear Us Apart was 316,000.

The final tally for The Killing Field is 1.41m and it is understood to have been approved for more.

You can keep track of Timeshifted numbers by hovering your cursor over the Ratings tab in the top menu.


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  1. I was one of those who recorded the Killing Field to watch later and I was disappointed with the show. I thought the acting was wooden and stilted. The story line only just engaged me and I endured it to the end. It would have to dramatically (!) improve if it becomes a series for me to continue watching.

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