Vale: Bob Hoskins

Bob-Hoskins-007.jpgUK character actor Bob Hoskins, best known for Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Mona Lisa, has died aged 71.

He died on Tuesday after suffering from pneumonia.

Hoskins, whose film and television career spanned more than 30 years, had retired in 2012 following a diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease.

His career began in the 1972 series The Main Chance but reached new heights with the acclaimed Dennis Potter series Pennies from Heaven.

He was best known for his films including The Long Good Friday, Brazil, Mona Lisa, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Mermaids, Super Mario Bros, Spice World, Enemy at the Gates, Maid in Manhattan, Twenty Four Seven, A Room for Romeo Brass, Felicia’s Journey, Mrs Henderson Presents, The Cotton Club, Nixon, Pink Floyd The Wall, Zulu Dawn, and Vanity Fair.

He also appeared in many television projects including New Scotland Yard, Thick as Thieves, Van der Valk, Rock Follies of 77, Mussolini and I, Tales from the Crypt, The Good Pope: Pope John XXIII, Frasier, The Wind in the Willows, The Street, Neverland, Saturday Night Live and Comic Relief.

In 1985 he appeared in the Australian drama The Dunera Boys for Network TEN.

Hoskins was nominated for an Oscar in 1987 for Mona Lisa, for which he won Best Actor at the BAFTAs and the Cannes Film Festival.

Michael Caine, who starred alongside him in Last Orders, told the Guardian: “He was one of the nicest and best actors I have ever worked with.”


  1. My first view of him when I watched Pennies From Heaven. That drama was a major turning point for me, dragging me out of my teenage years into an new insight of drama and music and song.

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