Airdate: Family Feud

2014-06-25_1725TEN’s new game show, Family Feud hosted by Grant Denyer, will begin in mid July as part of the network’s plans to bolster its 6pm timeslot.

The series last appeared on Australian screens hosted by Bert Newton on Nine in 2007, preceded by various versions on Seven and Nine hosted by Rob Brough, Daryl Somers, Tony Barber, Sandy Scott and John Deeks.

Family Feud is a fantastic show that the entire family can truly sit down all together and enjoy,” said Denyer.

“I think viewers will love how fun, fast and funny this new series is. Hilarious and unexpected answers are the brilliance of this show; you can never anticipate what falls out of someone’s mouth under pressure and neither can they. It’s really fun to watch, it’s incredibly enjoyable to play along with at home and I think that it’s a perfect family alternative for 6pm.”

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Grant is a great presenter and Family Feud is a much-loved and well-tested format. Together they make a great combination and will give Australians a fun, exciting and entertaining show.”

TEN will also offer “too-cheeky-for-TV” clips on and You Tube, plus a play-along game on Beamly.

6pm Monday, July 14 on TEN.


  1. TEN’s promo indicates the show will be classified PG at 6pm. How is this even possible considering 6pm falls into the G classification?

  2. I say give them a Chance.It could be worse though.It’s a shame a few months shy of what would have been Sale of the Century’s 29th Year on the Air in 2009 They bit the bullet on it and replaced it with that God Awful Two and a Half Men and later the Big Bang Theory.Off the topic a little Nine dumbed down Australians Intelligence with silly sitcoms at 7pm weeknights.

    • Sure, but DeadLois9 can we drop the repeated Sale of the Century and 2.5 Men comments, 7pm sitcoms? You’ve been saying this for years here. I think we get the point, and you’re not adding anything new, thanks.

  3. I will give it a go. Can’t help wonder if James Mathison is still in contract if he might have been a good fit for this. If nothing else, Ten has secured an extra commentator for the V8s next year.

  4. agree with you smit0847 re female host, its so backward that in 2014 we still can’t have more female hosts and news readers, not fill ins, not the weather girl, not the comedic offsider, a woman actually carrying a show by herself!
    I hope this show does well but i fear at 6pm it won’t, too many people watching the news. Lets hope they come to their senses and bump it to 7pm when it likely failts at 6pm.
    And i hope to god the prizes are bigger, i seem to remember the one with Bert the top prize was about $20,000 shared between the 4 contestants, fairly crap really.

  5. @italianguy1987
    I agree with your last comment. The people on here a way too quick to judge and Channel Ten bashing is just so darn popular people can’t help themselves!
    I usually watch Ten news at 5pm then switch over to Nine news while I’m cooking dinner (can’t stand modern family) then back to Ten for the project. I am looking forward to FF and have been loving the ads for it, very fun stuff to play along with.
    I’ve never watched sunrise or MDM so I have no idea how Grant is as a host, but I’m willing to give him a chance.

  6. Sadly, this will be another Channel 10 failure.

    It will be off the air before the end of 2014, due to poor ratings.

    Bring back Blankety Blanks

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