Airdate: The Voice: Kids

2014-06-12_2352Nine has confirmed The Voice: Kids will launch 6:30pm Sunday June 22nd, which will see it running concurrently with the “Adult” version as it heads towards its Finals.

The junior version features 8 – 14 year olds coached by Delta Goodrem, Joel & Benji Madden (as a single team) and Mel B.

The early move means the show will avoid launching ahead of Seven’s upcoming X Factor, which proved to be the death of Australia’s Got Talent.

Audiences have also shown they have no problem with watching The Voice on multiple nights. While some may see it as overkill, ‘piggybacking’ while the main event has momentum may not be such a bad idea.

It’s not clear how many nights it will air but don’t rule out Sunday – Wednesday for the brand.

An exciting new show that will unearth Australia’s outstanding young musical talent will wow viewers when The Voice Kids premieres Sunday, June 22, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

With four superstar Coaches seated in the world-famous big red chairs, the country’s most vocally gifted children will take to the Voice stage hoping to become Australia’s first ever winner of The Voice Kids.

The Voice Coach Joel Madden will be joined by his brother and musical partner Benji as the pair of international hit-makers head up Team Madden. Sitting alongside them on the coaching panel will be another Voice favourite, singing sensation and Australian musical phenomenon Delta Goodrem, as well as a new member of the Voice family, global pop icon Mel B.

The Coaches will nurture these incredibly talented kids with the aim of leading them to victory, as well as sharing their invaluable music knowledge and advice along the way.

These emerging young stars aged 8-14 will try to win over the Coaches using only the power of their voice in the Blind Auditions. With just 15 places available on each team, the competition will be tough and the talent will blow you away.

Once the teams are set, each Coach will dedicate themselves to developing their singers, exploring their talents and sharing advice on what they’ve learnt throughout their own successful careers.

In phase two of the competition – the Battle Rounds – the Coaches will pit three of their own team members head to head, singing the same song together in front of a studio audience. After each Battle the Coach must then choose just one of these singers to advance to the Sing-Offs.

During the Sing-Offs each artist will take to the stage in a last-ditch effort to impress their Coach and be chosen to move through to the Grand Finale. With only two spaces per team up for grabs, each Coach will be faced with the incredibly tough decision of which artists to send through.

At the Grand Finale, the top six artists will perform individually – and the Coaches must then decide which three go on to face the public vote which determines who will become the very first Voice Kids winner, taking home a $50,000 music scholarship.

Joining host Darren McMullen will be season one Voice artist and Team Joel favourite, Prinnie Stevens. As a seasoned performer and young mother, Prinnie will be backstage with the kids offering final words of encouragement and advice as they take their first step onto the stage.

The Voice Kids begins with the Blind Auditions on Sunday, June 22, at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

The Voice Kids: Premieres Sunday, June 22, at 6.30pm
House Husbands: Continues Sunday, June 22, at 9.00pm
The Voice Live Shows: Begin Monday, June 23, at 7.30pm


  1. @jayjay95

    i don’t think that is right. the kids on this show would not be old enough to remember any of the judges’ career peaks. but that doesn’t mean the oldest is the least relevant to today. Spice girls music from the 90s is much more timeless than good Charlotte and delta from the early 00’s.
    If you went to an 8yo girls party today there would be a spice girls song played.

  2. I disagree. Why are Nine showing this when The (original) Voice is still on? Screams overkill. Piggybacking from the Voice final is a better idea.

    But I am looking forward to seeing Team Madden especially!
    Nine were bang on the money with them as well as Delta Goodrem simply because they are all relevant to the generation of kids today who would have listened to Delta and Good Charlotte.
    Sadly although she has been brilliant in the past,
    I don’t agree with Mel B being on the judging panel because IMO she is simply not relevant to the current generation of kids. She was Scary Spice until 2000 and albeit from brief reunions, the majority of 8-14 year olds would not know who the Spice Girls are.

  3. I think the promos for the voice kids are revolting. Children singing? Yuck. Then voice-style blindly praised for it without proper criticism. Double yuck. My family are going to want to watch it, I’m going to need a bucket.

  4. daveinprogress

    Not overkill, but a little muddled schedule wise maybe. A little unconventional having the two run at the same time. I thought Mel was persona non grata in Australia, visa wise or network wise, did I miss something?

  5. I thought Nine would have launched that second season of The Block by now. Makes me wonder if they’ll have enough time for that plus Big Brother for the rest of the ratings year.

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