Game of Thrones overtakes The Sopranos as HBO’s biggest-ever show

2014-06-06_1621It’s official.

Game of Thrones is now HBO’s most popular series ever, eclipsing The Sopranos, often credited with kicking off this “golden age of television.”

With a season-four average of 18.4 million US viewers it pips the 18.2 million set by The Sopranos in 2002.

That said, the landscape has completely changed in 12 years. HBO’s penetration has increased, with more platforms and marketing opportunities. But there is also more viewing competition.

Game of Thrones is also up 4 million viewers on its 2013 season.

Just two more eps in this high-stakes season remain, with the finale to air in Australia on June 16th.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Quality is a matter of personal taste. Because I’ll admit I’ll never watch The Sorpranos. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t like the criminal nor murderer POV. Except possibly in fantasy or genre. So I’m glad that Game of Thrones is as popular as it can be for HBO. I think it deserves it. Although I don’t hate The Sorpranos. Nor do I want to denigrate it. As both were successful in their eras.

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