House Rules hits 2014 high for Seven

Ratings: The end of a long weekend saw Seven net a huge ratings share on Monday.

2014-06-10_0047The end of a long weekend timed with the renovation reveal on House Rules proved to be a ratings winner for Seven last night, hitting a season high of 1.79m viewers, with couple eliminated from the show.

It thumped Nine’s The Voice on 1.43m viewers.

Seven network won the night with a big 37.7% share then Nine 28.8%, ABC 15.1%, TEN 14.9% and SBS 3.9%.

Seven enjoyed a strong night with Seven News (1.5m / 1.35m including 509,000 in Melbourne), Home and Away (1.05m), Revenge (926,000), while Million Dollar Minute airing in 4 cities was 482,000. AFL was 411,000 in 3 cities, Grey’s Anatomy was 366,000 and Talking Footy was 76,000 in 3 cities (93,000 on 7mate).

Following The Voice for Nine were Nine News (1.37m / 1.3m including 504,000 in Sydney ), A Current Affair (1.15m), House Husbands returned to 891,000 suggesting it was impacted by a late timeslot. Hot Seat hit its biggest number all year at 791,000.

ABC News (839,000) led ABC1 then Australian Story (724,000), 7:30 (688,000), Media Watch (570,000), Four Corners (567,000) and a compelling episode of Q & A (446,000).

MasterChef Australia (830,000) remained best for TEN then The Project (751,000 / 489,000), TEN Eyewitness News (709,000), Modern Family (448,000), The Bold & the Beautiful (414,000), 24 (313,000). Have You Been Paying Attention? was 215,000.

On SBS ONE it was SBS World News (170,00), A Pang for Brasil (147,000), RocKwiz (130,000). New Worlds was just 83,000.

Neighbours was best on multichannels at 295,000.

Sunrise: 315,000
Today: 214,000
ABC News Breakfast: 66,000 / 62,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 9 June 2014

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  1. I always suspected the voice was going to lose its way. It is difficult to connect with anyone as everyone participating on the voice seem cocky and too polished altho the talent unfortunately has been quite mediocre with all judges holding back with genuine critisism.

  2. Agree that HH was pretty lame. I’m not a regular viewer, but tuned into see RG make an appearance. Things will have to ramp up one-hundred fold even with her joining for me to stick with it. It’s pretty soapy…though Gary Sweet seems to always deliver.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but found House Husbands especially tedious last night.
    Had forgotten just how corny and forced it was.

    Was only watching to see Rachel Griffiths but turns out she won’t be appearing till next week now.

    Means we’ll be forced to endure yet another week of that endless Channel 9 promo of her supposedly scheming character making her grand entrance on HH.
    Must have seen it at least 70 times so far – must say the novelty wears a bit thin after half a dozen viewings…

  4. When all the new reality shows started, I was watching the Voice live and recording House Rules and MasterChef, watching all three in one night. Now I watch House Rules live, record MasterChef and The Voice, but I don’t watch the Voice at all any more. There’s just something about the other two that really resonate, and The Voice has lost its heart, if it ever had it… I might go back to it later. : )

  5. @DaveyBoy – Those news figures are not really strange at all. 7 News always rates high in Melbourne when it immediately follows the direct footy telecast. 9 News will be back to no.1 tonight.

  6. I still think it was a mistake for 9 to return ‘House Husbands’ on the night that ‘Revenge’ was airing its season finale.

    Those figures for the news are just strange. Nine News absolutely dominated in Sydney, but that was about it. If 7 were to even those Sydney news ratings up, then the overall wouldn’t even be close (excluding State of Origin weeks).

  7. I thought House Husbands numbers were really good for a 9.15 start and up against the final ep of Revenge.

    How long is Ten perservering with 24 and HYBPA? I predict this is the week for an announced change.

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