House Rules leads Seven to Monday win

Ratings: A 24hr challenge takes House Rules to the top, while Nine's local drama wins its timeslot.

2014-06-17_0956Who doesn’t love a good reveal? House Rules continues to net its best figures for the week on Mondays, topping the night at 1.57m for Seven.

The episode saw South Australians Bomber and Mel exit the competition, scored lowest in a 24-hour fix-up challenge.

Seven network won the night with a 33.0% share then Nine 25.0%, ABC 17.7%, TEN 15.2% and SBS 4.7%.

Following House Rules for Seven were Seven News (1.24m / 1.13m), Home and Away (963,000), What Really Happens in Bali (806,000), Million Dollar Minute (627,000). Grey’s Anatomy was 365,000 and Talking Footy was 53,000 in 3 cities (86,000 on 7mate).

The Voice (1.37m) was best for Nine then Nine News (1.2m / 1.14m), A Current Affair (1.07m), House Husbands (935,000) and Hot Seat (645,000), Footy Classified was 276,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (854,000) was strongest for ABC1 then 7:30 (712,000), Australian Story (644,000), Media Watch (613,000), Four Corners (602,000), Q & A (476,000) and QI (464,000).

Masterchef Australia (776,000) remains best for TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (679,000), The Project (663,000 / 423,000). Modern Family was 354,000, 24 was 351,000 and Have You Been Paying Attention? was 227,000.

FIFA World Cup live match was 256,000 on SBS ONE then Pleasure and Pain (188,000), SBS World News (175,000). RocKwiz was 141,000.

We have a new multichannel champ in ABC2’s Let’s Go Pocoyo at 355,000.

Sunrise: 334,000
Today: 287,000
ABC News Breakfast: 77,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 16 June 2014

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  1. and i expect 7 will win Tuesday night with House Rules followed by Winners & Losers, meanwhile 9 had 2 hours of that tripe When Love Comes To Town. So they have a winner with the Voice, then get lazy & don’t bother with anything else much??
    I suppose they want to try & recoup what they’ve invested in WLCTT but i hope they’ve learnt from it. I know it rated reasonably well in the first few weeks, just like people like to look at a car accident when it first happens too.

  2. For me, AFL 360 followed by On The Couch are my two favourite Monday footy shows – smart, insightful & Robbo always says something mildly amusing.

    Talking Footy is okay in patches (Wayne Carey is a good analyst) but it’s not a great show as a whole. I completely hate Footy Classified, every time I’ve tried to watch that show all it seemed was to be four panelists doing nothing but argue with each other. If I wanted arguing footy talk, I’ll go down to the bar following a match when people have had a bit too much to drink…d

  3. Not a fan of talking footy either. Its really boring. Footy classified is a better show but is let down by channel nine’s delay at posting the show to their catch up site. Channel 7’s footy coverage could be a lot better. Good last quarter on Sunday between Collingwood vs bulldogs but the lack of post match and straight to the news was rubbish.

    House rules seemed rather silly last night. Its a bit rich for judges to give opinions on how home owners should renovate their own homes. Didn’t work.

  4. @Jason – I expect better from you! It’s just as valid to say that The Voice is #2 only thanks to 9 in Syd & Mel since it was soundly beaten by House Rules in Bri, Per, & Ade (or that it beats HR on Sundays for the same “reasons”).

  5. Agree on Talking Footy being rubbish. It comes across as amateurish and just not in the loop like Footy Classified is. Personally I cannot stand Tim Watson and the only people that lame “Say that again” segment amuses is the hosts. 7 just dont seem to produce footy shows well.

  6. @Bullswool: That’s because Talking Footy is – to put it bluntly – crap. The 3 hosts may as well be telling stories on another topic… It’s all such fluff.

    The Fox Footy shows & Footy Classified make Talking Footy look 2nd rate because they come at AFL from the journalistic angle. Sure, they get a bit tabloidy at times, but viewers actually learn something.

    Most people dislike Caroline Wilson & Craig Hutchinson, but Footy Classified is about 3 times as good as Talking Footy. Unsurprisingly, it also rates about 3 times as well.

  7. Yeah Talking Footy numbers are low, however I guess seeing it is on 7Mate at 7:30pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth up against House Rules, Masterchef and The Voice they win out in most households. Plus the 7:30pm airing on 7Mate is up against AFL 360 on Foxtel, so that takes another 107,000 viewers from it (as it is the better show)

    Talking Footy is repeated at Midnight on Seven in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth which is the one getting 53,000.

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