1. I watched alot of the project last night. I usually flip over to watch “the braxtons” but it kept my attention so I didn’t. Feels a bit wrong for seven to schedule anything but aussie drama at 8.30 on tuesday. I have no interest in bali or resurrection so they’ve lost a viewer. I am looking fwd to winners and losers returning. They’ve started showing the preview for the new season on seven.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Just imagine what kind of ratings Paul Fenech’s other commedies would have gotten if on Commercial FTA Multichannels. Although i did miss this episode. The odd episode i did watch was funny and its perfect for 7Maaaaaaaaate. Is it possible that in terms of Drama that we dont have anything good at the moment?

  3. @DanR – (and @Sairy.James)

    First of all there’s a thing called the off button.

    Secondly, there’s more than enough on my hard drive that I need to catch up with.

  4. I’m confused.. Are they same girls from Bogan Hunter’s in When Love Comes to Town? And did they all meet up in What really happens in Bali? Channel 9 and Channel 7 must be sharing crews, this is really amazing television. Perhaps they can do a Block Special featuring Bogan’s renovating a villa in Bali and looking for love… oh wait

  5. Ha !
    Bogan Hunters is so bad it’s good – like a slow mo car crash that you can’t look away from.
    Granma Shaz, bogan matriarch of N/W Tas, was a classic last week- what a classy “lady”!

    Ironic that the real bogans are 10 times more hardcore than the fictional characters of Housos.
    Couldn’t make ’em up if you tried…

  6. Sairy.James

    I’m pretty sure the ratings were Bogan hunters were purely because there was nothing else on. My household got stuck watching it last night, after doing a full flick through twice. We only had Big Bang repeats, American Crime shows or 90s movies to chose from.

    I agree that it’s odd we have no Aussie drama on at the moment.

  7. “Meanwhile nobody is screening local drama here and an opportunity goes begging….”

    So true!! Last night I was flicking from channel to channel to find something – ended up with a dvd instead, because there was just absolute garbage on – I enjoyed the new ep of BBT but that was it.

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