Kenneth Branagh returning for final Wallander

2012-11-12_0146Kenneth Branagh will return for three final episodes of Swedish detective Wallander, to be shot next year according to media reports.

A fourth series will be filmed next year, according to Radio Times.

The series looks set to conclude with a one-part adaptation of Henning Mankell’s novel The White Lioness and a two-parter based on his final book The Troubled Man.

Sources at the BBC and independent producers Left Bank Pictures confirmed that both parties are confident next year will see the filming begin.

The third series was filmed in 2011 and aired in Australia in November 2012. At the time it was tipped to end in 2013.

The series, which previously featured Tom Hiddleston amongst the cast, has won six BAFTAs including Best Drama Series.



  1. The 3rd season aired in Australia over a year ago. Can’t remember is I saw it on ABC or UKTV.

    The BBC announced they were going to do a 4th and final season with The Troubled Man around the same time. It’s just been 3 years since the 3rd season was filmed that they actually started filming it.

  2. I have to say I prefer the Swedish originals and am looking forward to the next season. Whenever.
    Kenneth Branagh is a bit too miserable in the role of Wallander – you’d swear he’s about to burst into tears! All the time.

  3. [email protected]

    Great news that there will be three more episodes of the English production of Wallander.
    BTW, do you know when the six episodes of the final (third) series of the Swedish production will be shown in Aust? I can’t even find how to buy them on line.

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