Questions raised over House Rules contestants

2014-06-24_2211Questions have emerged over properties owned by House Rules contestants that appear to belie the way their characters have been portrayed on the Seven show.

Woman’s Day reports six couples own at least two properties, with WA’s Carole and Russell owning real estate valued at $2.3 million.

Yet the show portrays the contestants as battlers, who will have their mortgage paid off if they win the show.

The rules of the show require that their renovated house must be a contestant’s “primary home.”

The magazine claims Carole and Russell have amassed a $2.3 million property portfolio, with a waterfront property currently on the market for $1.17 million. They are also joint owners of a luxury apartment with a $650,000 price tag.

Bomber and Mel reportedly own a house each in Adelaide, both worth around $400,000, totalling three homes between them. Lisa and Adam also own another four-bedroom house worth $520,000.

Queenslanders Maddi and Lloyd have denied claims they owned two properties.

Tasmanians Brooke and Grant were noted as genuine “Aussie battlers” struggling to pay off their $262,000 family home.

There are also numerous claims about contestants not being genuine home residents of the houses they are renovating.

Seven declined to comment to TV Tonight.

Via: News Corp


  1. Whenever a channel is doing well in the ratings for a programme, other channels have to dig up as much dirt as they can to discredit the show hoping that people will stop watching, but if people are really interested in the show they will watch it anyway come what may.

  2. It is a little disappointing as I would prefer a ‘battler’ to have their mortgage paid off their primary residence.

    The prize is having your mortgage paid off, so whether Carole & Russell’s newly renovated home is their primary residence or not they entered the competition to have their mortgage paid off.
    That’s how they probably see it.

    Glad they renovated the Barnados home but please Seven give us true battlers next season.

  3. You’ve obviously not been paying attention then sands34. The show has made no secret of the fact Carole and Russell and Maddie and Lloyd are experience renovators – and with that tag comes property. That’s the way it works. It doesn’t mean they’re multi-millionaires living in a different home every day of the week – they’re probably surviving one reno to the next. Property development can be rewarding – but it can also be incredibly risky.

    Most of this beat up has already been proven to be factually incorrect anyway.

  4. The people on the show were portrayed as battlers or the average joe with a mortgage not owners of multiple properties which they have been revealed to be. The producers should be sacked for false advertising and misrepresentation. In my view this has ruined the whole show. I couldn’t even watch the latest episode I felt so ripped off! Disappointing! Lets hope Leighton and Carly weren’t investment tycoons as well!

  5. Nine don’t need to be involved in this story – and very likely aren’t. Not everything is a Nine/Seven conspiracy.
    House Rules is a high rating program, so all the mags go after any story they can dig up. Of course, you’re unlikely to read something like this in New Idea, given that it is actually affiliated with Seven.
    It’s certainly all very disappointing.

  6. To my mind the Carole and Russell angle is most likely, the fact that the property was bought on Gumtree suggests that they are speculative renovators, buying very cheap and selling for a big profit. Additional properties mean they don’t need to live in it either.

    I also wonder about Bomber and Mel considering the state their house was in, practically unliveable, the only sink in the bathroom with 4 (?) kids???

  7. Candy and Ryan have broken up once the show was done, they are selling the house and moving on, I heard Ryan solely owned the renovated house and only bought it once they were signed to the show, neighbours say they have never seen anyone living there.

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